Will Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift Ever Record A Tune Together? Check Out The Long-Awaited Answer

Will Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift Ever Record A Tune Together? Check Out The Long-Awaited Answer
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Are we ever going to hear the Selena Gomez/Taylor Swift song we have been dreaming about for such a long time? It seems that Sel has revealed the answer in an interview.

Here are some pretty juicy news on the Selena and Taylor collab. We all know by now that they are dropping some seriously cool new music but when will they do it together?



Selena revealed everything about this in a new interview with Brazilian site Hugo Gloss

The answer is maybe. 'I love Taylor. She’s been my sister for years,' Selena told Hugo Gloss.

'As far as us working together, I think that’s something we’ve talked about. But, our friendship has always been the most important. Not to say that we never will! I love her; I love her music. We’ll see, maybe. What I’m saying is not right now.'

So, practically Selena is saying that there’s still a chance and the two of them haven't given up on this idea.


We can understand that it may not happen shortly because Taylor’s already finished her album and Selena’s been releasing new songs one at a time, with a record likely to come soon.

Her new single, Wolves, is a collab with DJ Marshmallow, and it’s really good.

Fans of both of them were convinced that the collab had already happened and that Selena would be featured on Tay's Reputation.



The rumor was spread when Scott Borchetta who is the CEO of Taylor’s record label Big Machine, tweeted about Taylor’s Reputation commercial for Target. He also tagged Selena in that particular tweet.

We never found out why he did that and we probably never will.

Selena also said in the interview that there are two artists she’s jamming to for the moment, and they are Camila Cabello and Cardi B. Well, this sounds pretty cool, we must admit!

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