Will Poulter Joins The Cast Of Amazon's Upcoming 'Lord Of The Rings' Series

Will Poulter Joins The Cast Of Amazon's Upcoming 'Lord Of The Rings' Series
Credit: Source: etonline.com

According to new reports, British actor Will Poulter is now part of the cast for Amazon's Lord of the Rings series! For now, there are no details about the role being made public but it’s definitely a huge gig for the 26 year old star given the huge fandom that will come over from the books and movies.

Furthermore, the highly-anticipated project has a massive budget as well!

But that’s not to say that the young actor doesn’t already have an impressive resume with roles in big productions such as The Maze Runner, Detroit, The Revenant as well as Black Mirror’s interactive episode, Bandersnatch.

The announcement that Poulter is joining the cast follows the reports that Australian actress Markella Kavenagh has been cast as well.

Previously, Amazon revealed the writers who are working on the series - JD Payne and Patrick McKay - who also worked on Star Trek Beyond!

It was also shared that the events shown in the original trilogy will not be featured in the series.

That being said, it will reportedly be about a time prior to the movies’ plotline.

Back in July, Amazon also dropped a clip that revealed some of the people involved in the production, including EP and director J.A. Bayona, who previously worked on Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, as well as EP Eugene Kelly (Westworld and The Leftovers) and EP Jason Cahilll (The Sopranos.)

During an interview with ET, Orlando Bloom was asked if it’s possible that he’ll reprise his Lord of the Rings role, Legolas.

He responded: ‘I haven't had any conversations about that. It is so funny how I remember being on set with Peter [Jackson] twenty years ago now, and he was saying, 'Wouldn't it be so funny to think about wanting to remake Lord of the Rings?' We were in the midst of that remarkable journey and I was like, 'It is never going to happen!' Here I am working for Amazon and they are redoing it.’


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