Will Oprah Winfrey's Breonna Taylor Billboards Get Justice For The Slain 26-Year-Old?

Will Oprah Winfrey's Breonna Taylor Billboards Get Justice For The Slain 26-Year-Old?
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The death of Breonna Taylor has become a lightning rod for activism and change. Oprah Winfrey, among many other celebrities, is continuously fighting for justice in the case of Taylor, who was murdered after police mistakenly went to her home and shot her after her boyfriend fired at them.

Approximately one week ago, Taylor announced she would be putting Breonna Taylor on the cover of September's issue of her magazine, O Magazine. Now, Winfrey is also taking out billboards in Louisville, Kentucky, in hopes of getting justice for Breonna.

Oprah wants to rally the support of American citizens to apprehend the police officers who are responsible for Taylor's death. The media mogul is demanding the authorities involved in her death to be arrested and prosecuted.

As it was noted above, the 26-year-old was shot and killed on the 13th of March after police went to her home on a "no-knock warrant."

The police were investigating Taylor's home due to a tip that Kenneth Walker, her boyfriend, had been trafficking drugs through her home. The police officers broke into their house and Walker fired one shot at them, injuring a cop.

The authorities fired back approximately twenty times, and Taylor was shot eight times. She died just a few minutes later. Taylor's passing has become a point of political advocacy among Hollywood celebrities and entertainment industry figures, including Taylor Swift.

Her death, along with the passing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, became two of the most important cases in the Black Lives Matter protests. Not everyone has supported the case as a point of political change, however.

Earlier this year, JW Lucas, a music producer, was in the headlines for reportedly calling the case into question. Lucas, who has been credited as the producer of Jack Harlow's "What's Poppin?" suggested Taylor's home had been used as a "trap house," which played a role in her death.


Taylor's case has been controversial. Some social media users have argued that it was a tragic accident due to the fact Taylor's boyfriend fired gunshots at the police. One social media user explained in response to the news, "If her boyfriend hadn't shot at the cops, maybe it would've turned out different. What were the police suppose to do when they were shot at?"

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