Will OJ Simpson Be Released From Prison On Sunday?

Will OJ Simpson Be Released From Prison On Sunday?
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After nine years of being in prison, OJ Simpson's time in a cage is coming to a close according to a spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Corrections as confirmed by People Magazine. "The Juice" who was an NFL star and a suspect of two murders will be released on either Sunday or Monday.

The spokesperson added that they're expecting a "media frenzy" on the day of his release due to his highly controversial case back in the 1990's where he allegedly murdered two people but was served an "innocent" verdict.

Simpson, who is now 70-years-old, will come out of prison with the remainder of his pension he acquired as a running back in the NFL.

Although OJ did not get a murder conviction, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison because of robbery and kidnapping in 2008.

Allegedly, OJ was working as a buyer of sports memorabilia when Simpson and his accomplices entered a casino hotel room to make a purchase . However, when the men in question got there, OJ along with his associates rushed them and stole their merchandise.

As for the response of the Goldman family, Ronnie's sister, Kim, and his father, Ron Senior, explained that while they respect Nevada's decision to release the disgraced football star, it's troubling for them to know he will be a free man walking the streets.

In a statement to People Magazine, the Goldman family wrote, "we will continue pursuing the now $60 million judgment awarded to our family after the jury found that Simpson willfully and wrongfully caused the death of both Ron and Nicole."

During the infamous court case, people of the United States remained divided as to whether or not OJ was guilty. Many thought the incrimination of OJ was racially motivated and he would be sentenced due to his skin color.


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