Will Maksim Chmerkovskiy And Vanessa Lachey Switch Partners After Reported Feud?

Will Maksim Chmerkovskiy And Vanessa Lachey Switch Partners After Reported Feud?
Credit: Source: etonline.com

Despite some claims that dance partners Maks and Vanessa have a huge conflict, it looks like the two want to remain as professional as possible. As you may be aware, the man took to social media today to apologize to Lachey for ditching her on the latest episode.

According to a source, Maks refused to rehearse with her after she reportedly created a lot of drama between them by acting like a major diva.

Alan Bersten ended up filling in for him.

In spite of the scandal, we have learned that the two will continue to dance together on the hit Dancing with the Stars show.

‘The producers would not switch partners because two people are not getting along, it is just par for the course. Drama is expected and part of the show. When you train with someone for so many hours so intensely, tensions can run high -- for better or worse. In this case, the intensity led to bickering,’ one source explained.

The same insider also added that Maks has been trying to fix things as he realized he was the one who messed up by reacting like that and refusing to perform.

‘Vanessa is not afraid to stand up to him. She is a very strong woman. He is on thin ice so you can expect that he will be on his best behavior from here one out.’

Another source has informed us that the show's production team and Maks are still good despite his lack of professionalism.

After all, he is one of the most popular dancers on Dancing with the Stars!

The source assured us that Maks and Vanessa are going to continue together until the final.


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