Will Kiefer Sutherland Ever Go Back To "24?"

Will Kiefer Sutherland Ever Go Back To "24?"
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According to a report from ContactMusic.com, Kiefer Sutherland is not obtuse to the idea of coming back to 24. On the set of the TV show, the 52-year-old portrayed the federal agent, Jack Bauer, for thirteen years from 2001 until 2014.

Despite the fact that he would consider it "ridiculous" to continue acting on the show for even longer, he's open to the idea of coming back. "How many bad days could one guy have?" - the actor rhetorically asked. The actor told reporters that he would love to see the show go on.

According to The Lost Boys alum, he spent more than a decade of his life working on 24. For that reason, he would love to go back to it just for old time's sake. These days, Kiefer has moved on to other things, including perhaps the improbable, country music.

When reporters asked him if the music was his main career now, the actor retorted, "it's not," in fact, he just wrapped up another season of the TV series, Designated Survivor . The actor said he would act until he dies, similar to his father, Donald Sutherland.

As you may or may not know, Kiefer's daughter, Sarah Sutherland, is also a performer, despite the fact he was initially unsure about her going into that field. Ironically, Sarah has turned down working with him on more than one occasion, Kiefer explained.

Speaking with Britain's OK! Magazine, The Lost Boys alum said that he never encouraged her to start acting. At first, she was a writer. When she was in school for theatre, she co-wrote a story that eventually got put on Broadway.

Kiefer said that he has asked her to do several movies with him and she always says "no." While he never explained her reasoning for such a decision, it's probably to avoid being forever associated with the legend of her family, including both Kiefer and Donald.

Sarah and Kiefer come from a long line of entertainers, including the aforementioned Donald, and her two uncles, Rossif, and Angus Sutherland, who are the brothers of Kiefer.

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