Will Joaquin Phoenix And Rooney Mara Raise Their Baby Vegan?

Will Joaquin Phoenix And Rooney Mara Raise Their Baby Vegan?
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Fans are thrilled that Joquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara are having a baby, but the secretive couple is trying to keep all of the details to themselves. Reports are surfacing that suggest the couple hopes to have a girl and now an upcoming article in the June 8, 2020, issue of Star magazine suggests they will raise the baby vegan. Joaquin is a devoted vegan who even spoke about the plight mother cows face when humans farm them to steal the milk from their babies during his Oscaar-winning speech! Page Six confirmed that the couple who met on the set of the movie Her  were expecting their first child together, but neither has spoken publicly about the pregnancy or any of the details surrounding the upcoming birth. Some reports suggest that Rooney may be as far as six-months pregnant.

Now, Star quotes a source who says they have inside information on some of the couple's pregnancy details. The source stated the following.

"They're really looking forward to being parents. They've been trying for a while to get pregnant, so it's a dream come true."

The source also stated that Joaquin, 45, and Rooney, 35, will raise their baby vegan.

At this point, neither Joquin or Rooney confirmed they are expecting a baby, but photos of Rooney with what appears to be a baby bump have many convinced.

Like Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara is also a devoted vegan and animal rights activist. It's unclear what her pregnancy diet consists of but many people would like to know what she is eating throughout her vegan pregnancy. It's likely that Rooney will breastfeed the baby since she is vegan and will approach childrearing and parenting from a natural perspective.

What do you think about the report? Are you curious about Rooney Mara's and Joaquin Phoenix's vegan parenting style? Though a due date hasn't been revealed, many people think Rooney's and Joaquin's baby will be born around the end of August 2020 or the beginning of September 2020.

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