Will & Grace Star Leslie Jordan Is Posting The Best Content On Instagram During The COVID-19 Lockdown

Will & Grace Star Leslie Jordan Is Posting The Best Content On Instagram During The COVID-19 Lockdown
Credit: Source: Instagram

Leslie Jordan is a character actor who is best known for his role as Beverley Leslie - Karen Walker’s ( Megan Mullally ) nemesis - on Will & Grace . But, during the COVID-19 lockdown, the four-foot-eleven actor has gained millions of fans on Instagram because of his sweet and crazy videos.

Before the lockdown, Jordan had about 100,000 followers on Instagram. But thanks to his amazing content over the past few weeks, Jordan now has 3.2 million followers and the numbers keep growing everyday.

Jordan isn’t doing anything that is highly-produced or scripted. Instead, it’s the exact opposite. The 64-year-old just sits in front of the camera to share his thoughts while self-isolating in an Airbnb in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Jordan is also taking care of his 84-year-old mother, and rented a house nearby because he knew right away that he couldn’t live with her.

“You just can’t move back with your mom at 64. It just doesn’t quite work,” he told Page Six . “So, I rented the cutest little place within driving distance so I don’t go out, I go back and forth. Right when I’m getting really stir crazy I think, ‘Oh I’ll go to mom’s,’ and we have a porch swing and we sit out social distancing with the neighbors.”

When Jordan noticed his follower total quickly rising, he said when he hit 250,000 followers that it was “exhausting being vah-rul!” with his thick southern accent. Then, when he hit a major milestone of one million followers, he made a video that featured himself dressed in a suit and wearing sunglasses while sitting in a chair with his hands crossed in his lap.

“You may wonder why I’ve got sunglasses and a little suit on,” Jordan told the camera. “Because that’s the way that people dress who have one million Instagram followers.”

The quirky posts also include Jordan attempting to follow an exercise video, reading children's books, and documenting his daily routine, which includes a breakfast ritual that may or may not include watching porn.

“Oh, don’t you dare judge me,” said Jordan. “Y’all are out there doing it. I can at least watch it. It’s better than CNN.”

In addition to Will & Grace , Jordan has appeared in more than a dozen movies and TV shows throughout his career, and he jokes that he’s been openly gay “since birth.” He says he “fell out of the womb and landed on mother’s high heels.”

Leslie Jordan has also revealed “with great fanfare” in one of his posts that he is starting a “Dylan McDermott fan club for middle-aged gay men.”

“I, Leslie Jordan, plan to be listed as the founder and the guiding light. I’m actually the one member right now but interest has been expressed and we’re working on a poster,” said Jordan, who has co-starred with McDermott in American Horror Story .

McDermott responded to the post by writing: “I am not worthy! Can’t wait for the POSTER,” before adding: “Let’s do the remake of TWINS! I’m calling my agent now!”


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