Will Gayle King Smoke Weed? Amy Schumer And Oprah Winfrey Want Her To Try!

Will Gayle King Smoke Weed? Amy Schumer And Oprah Winfrey Want Her To Try!
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Gayle King has never smoked weed before, which is something that Oprah Winfrey and Amy Schumer can't stop joking about. During an episode of Oprah's podcast, Oprah's Super Soul Conversations, the pair of celebs stated one of their dreams in life was to get Gayle King to smoke marijuana.

Schumer agreed with the media mogul, urging Gayle to at least have an edible - if anything. According to Oprah, she has known Gayle King and has even been best friends with her since 1976, and she has never seen her smoke weed or even drink.

Oprah joked that Gayle didn't even understand the proper terminology surrounding the substance and its use. Winfrey explained that if someone asks her if she has ever smoked weed, Gayle will respond, "No, I never had a marijuana cigarette."

Schumer went on to joke that she is obviously against drugging another person, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a few pot-brownies for her to try. Winfrey joked that she'd share the entire spectacle on her social media account.

Furthermore, both parties agreed that if they couldn't get Gayle to at least try smoking weed, then she should at least give the CBD oils a try.

As it was previously reported, Schumer joked about how much she wanted to get high with Gayle King back in April 2018. Coincidentally, Amy and Oprah had the very same conversation on Oprah's podcast two years ago.

Reportedly, Schumer and Winfrey both bonded over their respective introspective tendencies. Amy and Oprah shared how they struggled with body image issues, and also that they would often "hide in bathrooms at parties."

Both Schumer and Oprah have spoken out about body positivity in the past, including Amy, who claims she's a lot happier when she has more bodyweight than less. Amy is currently married to Chris Fischer, whom she had a baby with back in 2019. Oprah, on the other hand, is dating Stedman Graham and has been in a relationship with him since the 1980s.

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