Will Forte And His Girlfriend Olivia Modling Are Getting Married

Will Forte And His Girlfriend Olivia Modling Are Getting Married
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The 49-year-old SNL alum, Will Forte, and Olivia Modling are getting married, a new report from People Magazine revealed. An insider confirmed to the outlet that Will and Olivia just got engaged over the holidays this past year, however, the news wasn't revealed until this week.

When Will's father, "Reb," appeared on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire earlier this month, he announced that his son and his girlfriend got engaged, but fans didn't know about it at the time. For the most part, Olivia and Will have managed to keep their romance away from the public's radar.

According to People Magazine, Reb said that his son was "currently engaged," and both he and his fiancée agreed that if they had a son it would have the name, "Orville Willis Forte V." It wasn't a final decision, but a possibility, for sure.

Back in December of last year, Will poked fun at his romance with Modling when Mary Steenburgen took a picture of them. On her Instagram, Mary suggested she was overjoyed by Will's engagement, to which the comic said he finally found his "Ted Danson," in reference to Mary's husband.

Before getting engaged to Modling, Will was dating the actress, January Jones, who starred in AMC's successful series, Mad Men , alongside Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks.

Fans of Will know him primarily from his successful run on Saturday Night Live, which even spawned a movie using one of his characters.

Will, born on the 17th of June, 1970, appeared on SNL for much of his career and was also the creator and lead in the situation comedy, The Last Man on Earth . The popular series received critical acclaim and even garnered Emmy Awards.

Before his career on Saturday Night Live , Will also wrote for the legendary comedy series, That 70s Show. Later, one of the aforementioned characters from Saturday Night Live, MacGruber , spawned its own movie, although, it wasn't well-received which isn't uncommon for SNL movies.

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