Will Ferrell Says That Demi Lovato Told Him His Movies Helped Her Get Through Dark Times

Will Ferrell Says That Demi Lovato Told Him His Movies Helped Her Get Through Dark Times
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Will Ferrell and Demi Lovato have been working together lately on their new Netflix comedy, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga , USA Today reported. In fact, the pair of celebs really bonded during their time together.

During a chat with the hosts of the Las Culturistas podcast, Ferrell claimed that Lovato told him his movies really got her through some dark times in her life. Ferrell described her as "so sweet and lovely" on set, and it was a pleasure to work with her.

Will says one of their "special moments" on set was when Lovato opened up to him about the difficulties in her life, and how his movies helped her get through them. The 52-year-old actor claimed, "she had just come out of her last rehab stint."

Around that time, Demi was just coming out of her stay in rehab, and she came up to him and told him that his movies really got her through the tough moments in her life. As most know, Demi has been very open about her struggles with substance abuse.

During a chat with Ellen DeGeneres back in March, Demi explained what led to her relapse. Lovato said that her "bulimia" had gotten really bad and she wasn't getting the help she needed, even though she asked for it.

She was sober, and she asked herself what was the point of being sober if she was still miserable all of the time. Lovato explained that she was even more miserable at that time than when she was doing drugs regularly.

As it was previously reported, Demi went into rehab following an overdose in 2018. Because of her experiences, Demi offered some advice for other people struggling through similar circumstances. The star urged all of those out there who are struggling to continue working at it because they'll get through it.


Regarding her relationship with Will Ferrell, the actor explained that it was weird for him to "get hit in the chest" with something so emotional and meaningful. He claimed it was one of the "sweetest things ever."

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