'Will And Grace' Coming Back To TV - Maybe!

'Will And Grace' Coming Back To TV - Maybe!
Source: NBC

The subject of many rumors in recent months, the return of the cult NBC series ‘Will and Grace’ is actually happening- maybe.

According to the reports, 10 episodes have been ordered for 2017.

Will, Grace, Karen and Jack returned for a special mini-episode during the US presidential election in September to support Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The adventures of the four eccentric New Yorkers aired on NBC between 1998 and 2006.

One of the actresses who co-stared in the series, Leslie Jordan confirmed in a radio interview on KPBS that the series was back.

"It's done," said Jordan. “That's how it's going to happen: NBC has ordered 10 episodes. It will be for the next season in 2017."

Her comments were followed by a tweet from Megan Mullally (Karen) with photo of ‘ Will, Grace, Jack and Karen throwing their cocktails at the camera.

Not everyone seems to think the show is officially a go. Actress Debtea Messing tweeted Monday that talks are still ongoing.

No official announcement from NBC has been made.

Look at it this way. If ‘Fuller House' can get three seasons (at least) surely ‘Will and Grace’ can get another kick at the can.

Next up, Seinfeld.


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