Why Wasn't Amanda Seyfried Invited To The "Mean Girls" Broadway?

Why Wasn't Amanda Seyfried Invited To The "Mean Girls" Broadway?
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On the 9th of April when the Mean Girls Broadway musical kicked off for the first time, one of its leading ladies from the film, Amanda Seyfried, unfortunately, wasn't in attendance. The 32-year-old joked to the publication Us Weekly at the Gala in New York City on the 10th of April, "I was wondering where my invitation has been. I'm a little miffed!"

Seyfried admitted it would've been an excellent time for her to go had she known about it. Invite or no invite, Amanda praised Tina Fey who wrote the original screenplay and adapted it to the stage.

Seyfried said her former co-star was "genius," and she was "excited to see it." And while Amanda didn't get to see the play, maybe she's not all that worried, considering she's now the mother of a 13-month-old child with her man, Thomas Sadoski.

At the moment, it isn't known what the baby's name is because neither party has disclosed that information. Amanda told reporters from Us Weekly her daughter is now dancing and can stand up, but doesn't walk.

Amanda said her daughter knows some words too, and she and her husband love it. "It's the best," the Mean Girls alum said.

As for how she and her hubby go about raising their daughter, the actress mentioned the importance of being there physically and emotionally for a child.

The actress and her husband also have a dog and refer to it as their first son, but raising a dog is entirely unlike raising a child.

They have some similarities, but for the most part, it's much different for many apparent reasons. Moreover, her dog, Finn, and their 13-month-old daughter are getting along great and have a "special bond," the actress remarked.


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