Why Sandra Bullock Put Her Wedding on Hold

Why Sandra Bullock Put Her Wedding on Hold
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As we have reported before, Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall’s marriage has been put on hold by the actress who is getting cold feet. The new development in their relationship has been revealed and now, insiders close to the Oscar winner have come out and shared the reason why Bullock is not very sure she wants to go through with the wedding anymore.

Bullock and her 50 year old photographer lover have been together for a while and although he seemed to make her really happy, there is something that is making her rethink the decision of walking down the aisle with him.

Apparently, her doubts are fueled by Randall’s dark past, when he was a troublemaker. Although nowadays he seems like a completely different man, Bullock cannot shake the feeling that she needs to think about it more before going through with the marriage ceremony. Her close friends seem to have a big part in making her think that way as well.

According to an insider, “All of her friends have been in her ear saying there’s no need to rush — especially given all the skeletons in Bryan’s closet.”

Their worried pieces of advice come from the fear that Bryan might turn out to be a problematic man at some point showing his true colors later on.

As we found out, Bryan Randall was caught by the police for Drinking and Driving in 1998 and was jailed for four days. As if that was not enough he also got in trouble with the law for thrashing a hotel room while drunk, on a separate occasion.

Although, Sandra Bullock’s representatives have been claiming the wedding is still on, her friends say otherwise. “Sandy must be seeing things in Bryan that love blinded her to before.

“She’s definitely put the brakes on things until she’s sure this is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.”


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