Why Does Bravo Sit By While LeeAnne Locken Threatens Violence Against Her 'RHOD' Co-Stars Again?

Why Does Bravo Sit By While LeeAnne Locken Threatens Violence Against Her 'RHOD' Co-Stars Again?
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In the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Dallas, Cary Deuber invited the ladies in the cast to join her on a trip to Copenhagen.  That led to the sad, yet hilarious, moment of Stephanie Hollman asking, “Where’s Copenhagen?” (which is what producers titled the episode), but that wasn’t the saddest moment in the show. Instead, the saddest moment was when the war between D’Andra Simmons, Kameron Westcott, and LeeAnne Locken got heated.

Locken promised her fans and co-stars that she had turned over a new leaf this season because she had gone to therapy and gotten a hold on some of her anger issues. But she went back to her old ways in this week’s episode when she threatened Simmons .

Just talking about Locken and Westcott got Simmons worked up, and she warned that her inner dragon was awake. Simmons told Locken that she was too busy to go wedding dress shopping, and this shocked Locken.

When Locken went to talk to Westcott about Simmons’ dragon, she said, “I don’t know this person.” Westcott called Simmons’ behavior “psycho,” and what makes her mad is Simmons is running around town and embarrassing everyone who has the same last name.

Locken agreed and got all worked up, telling Westcott, “If she [Simmons] comes at you or me one more time, I’m just going to karate-chop her in the throat.”

According to People Magazine, Locken’s old ways have returned, despite her promises of change. Last season, Locken popped off at Deuber and told her that her words were going to get her “in big trouble” after Deuber claimed Locken’s plastic surgeon, Dr. True, wasn’t board-certified.

Locken told her “friend” Brandi Redmond that she was “gonna do something,” and when Deuber comes for her it “isn’t gonna be pretty.”

“I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth,” Locken said. “I grew up with a lot of things in my hands, and they’re not knives, they’re just hands. But they work quite well.”

Locken also accused Deuber’s husband Mark of having sexual experiences with other men. Even though those allegations are shocking, it was Locken’s threat of strangling Deuben that had Redmond worried.

“It’s not normal to sit there and threaten people’s lives,” confessed Redmond.

During the Season 2 reunion, LeeAnne Locken’s co-stars said that didn’t feel safe around her. And, it doesn’t look like much has changed since then. So, the question remains, why does Bravo sit by and allow her to threaten her co-stars?

New episodes of the Real Housewives of Dallas air Wednesday nights on Bravo.


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  • Slick
    Slick Nov 5, 2018 6:33 AM PST

    Brandi threatened to drive herself and her children off a bridge and kill all of them because she was frustrated. Is she really going to do it...no. She's a good mother...just frustrated. Wake up!

  • Kathy
    Kathy Nov 5, 2018 5:04 AM PST

    LeeAnne is rallying anyone around her to turn against D’Andra. Kameron doesn’t think on her own and at times neither does Stephanie. LeeAnee is using Stephanie’s innocence to make herself look better. When trying on those dresses LeeAnne spent the whole time trying to jade Stephanie’s mind versus focus on bringing those friends together and really focus on the dresses. She only wanted D’Andra there to use her name in the future by saying “D’Andra Simmons” was with me. Just like she did to Cary before we knew D’Andra on screen and told us she was at the chapel and Cary was only at the reception. LeeAnne is a sociopathic social climber with NO last name and not marrying into a last name. LeeAnne also knew she could hurt Brandi’s adoption by calling her an alcoholic. We all heard her. What is there to deny? Brandi has skipped social functions and is a great mom. Leave her alone.

  • Michele Ruddle
    Michele Ruddle Nov 4, 2018 6:29 PM PST

    1st of all it's NOT LeAnne This time!! Deandra & Brandi stared this & Deandra attacked LeAnne!! Deandra & Brandi should be Fired for Bullying LeAnne when she's doing a great job controlling herself

  • Philly
    Philly Nov 3, 2018 11:13 PM PDT

    I am shocked as to why bravo is allowing all this physical abuse from Leann??? It’s disturbing to watch and think someone is gong to get hurt! Leann is crazy and should be fired bravo!

    • Slick
      Slick Nov 5, 2018 6:47 AM PST

      Then change the channel Philly!

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