Why Corey Feldman Needs Support And Security Now More Than Ever

Why Corey Feldman Needs Support And Security Now More Than Ever
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Corey Feldman has reached a new peak in his Truth Campaign that he launched on October 24, 2017. After being targeted with an onslaught of questions regarding the Harvey Weinstein scandal and his own experiences with pedophiles and predators while growing up in Hollywood, Feldman decided the Truth Campaign was the best way to address the complex situation. There are many layers to Feldman's experiences as well as the intricacies of his Truth Campaign. Because of these, he cannot just simply go on an interview or release the names of the pedophile ring that abused him. First and foremost, according to Feldman and other former actors who were too scared to go public but brave enough to back Feldman on Dr. Oz, his life is in danger.

Corey Feldman has been publicly attacked, shamed, made fun of, slandered, and called a liar when he stated that he told authorities in 1993 that he had been sexually abused by multiple people in Hollywood who were connected. He publicly stated that he gave the names of pedophiles to police.

His story was called false and he endured thousands of messages of hate, online bullying, and attacks. Still, Feldman continued with the call he says is divinely inspired: to expose the darkness of pedophilia with the light of truth.

Though he has been sharing the same story of his abuse since 1993, no one listened. He appeared on numerous talk shows and stated that he feared retaliation for coming forward. He refused to name members of the pedophile ring without security or the assistance of a lawyer.

Of every talk show he appeared on within the past 24 years, only one has truly moved forward in a direction that actually showed concern for Corey Feldman: Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz listened to Corey and believed him.

While other journalists argued with him on live television, belittled him, and talked down to him , Dr. Oz not only tracked down members of the pedophile ring and took the legal responsibility of stating their names on television off of Corey and on himself; he also provided Corey Feldman with much-needed security.

It should be clarified that Corey Feldman never once dangled the names of pedophiles for a $10 million ransom. He never once said, "Give me $10 million or I will let children be abused."

What he said was that he was scared for his life and feared the pedophiles who had abused him were connected on different levels. Some were on the lower rung (like the ones he publicly named) and others have enough power to kill him, ruin his life, or set him up in a way that no one will ever believe him if he outs them.

You can watch the video from the original Truth Campaign announcement along with the campaign's updates in the video player below.

Now, many people believe that not only was Corey Feldman telling the truth, but that law enforcement agencies may have been involved in covering up crimes.

It should be stated at this point there is no proof that the 1993 tape Corey Feldman made with the Santa Barabara Police where he named the alleged sexual predators and pedophiles was deliberately withheld or kept hidden.

But what is known is that it was. For whatever reason, the tape that proved Corey Feldman was a victim of sexual assault was never given to the LAPD where at the time it could have opened a case.

That mistake has left Corey Feldman in legal bondage where, because of that error, he could not move forward with a case.

In response, as part of the Truth Campaign, a petition was started to approach President Trump with enough signatures to say that Americans do not want to sweep child sexual abuse cases under the rug.

Despite Corey Feldman's following of over 150,000 followers, only 10,000 signed the petition.

You may see all links to Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign including the petition below.

Corey Feldman has repeatedly stated that he needs legal representation before he does anything, such as name the pedophiles, release his copy of the 1993 police tape to the public, or state the names of the pedophiles in his movie.

He never stated he wanted $10 million to name names. He said he wanted money for security and lawyers so that he could release the names legally in his movie or to the public.


The timing of events surrounding the appearance of the missing police tape has drawn concern and questions from many who believe Corey Feldman is telling the truth and that his life is in danger.

The day Corey Feldman found his copy of the police tape and began to have it digitized, the Santa Barbara Police Department went forward with their story that coincidentally, they found their copy of the tape too.

Corey Feldman has been fighting against Hollywood pedophiles since 1993. Even though his hands were legally tied he continued to talk about the issue.

He wrote the best-selling book Coreyography and named the abusers. It wasn't his decision to remove the real names, but the legal team assigned to ensure the book didn't contain defaming information.

Corey Feldman has executive produced the Lifetime movie that will air in January 2018 called The Two Coreys . He plans to make his book Coreyography into a movie. The IndieGoGo fundraiser is for making the movie as well as for paying for a legal team.

Some have accused Corey Feldman of lying about The Two Coreys even though it was public information and something he talked about. Still, people continued to accuse Feldman of being a liar and withholding the names.

When he launched the Truth Campaign he explained that he believed one of two things would happen if he went public with the names.

First, he would be killed and it would have been made to look like a suicide or accident.

Second, he would face legal consequences for defamation.

Anyone who has followed pedophilia cases in Hollywood, such as allegations against Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Bryan Singer, or Victor Salva, knows that very rarely do these allegations end up with a conviction.

If a conviction does occur, rarely does the convicted pedophile find themselves blacklisted in Hollywood. Instead, it is the victim who has lost their acting career or has been denigrated to appearing in low-budget movies.

Corey Feldman has explained from the beginning that he needs money for security. He needs money for lawyers and he needs money to make his movie that will once and for all not only tell his story but serve as a warning to all unsuspecting parents who want to bring their children to Hollywood and make them stars.

Repeatedly, Corey Feldman has stated that this was not a one-time, isolated incident, but that he was surrounded by pedophiles. He should know. He has been in the business since he was three-years-old.

Now that the tapes have been found and Corey Feldman has stated he will speak to a lawyer about making them public, he needs security now more than ever before.

It has taken 24 years for the groundwork to be in a place where he can get justice.

Are you going to join Corey Feldman in his fight, or will Corey's story be the same as those children who were victimized yet they were blacklisted while the convicted pedophiles enjoyed a long, thriving, and award-winning career?

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  • Julie c
    Julie c Dec 9, 2017 7:45 PM PST

    Wow, this is becoming a huge soap opera. FIRST, if anyone was going to kill you, they would have done it by now. Actors are coming out left and right, against powerful people and no one is being killed. It's doubtful any of the pedophiles from 25 years ago are powerful or relevant anymore. Charlie sheen has already been outed, and he's washed up, no threat there. Second.. you can't be sued for reporting a crime against yourself. You're worried about defamation because you NEED to out people that abused others, your story isn't enough and you need to include others abuse. Speak for yourself, your experiences, not others. Third.. you found a tape in your garbage, how convenient now. Its not unusual for interview tapes to be put away after 25 years. They dug deeper and found it. No conspiracy. The cops have been prosecuting big names for years. They aren't scared to expose anyone. Fourth, you are holding out for "the show" you want to put on. It's very sad. I believe you were abused, many kids are in this country. But, you are clearly using your star struck groupies to push your selfish agenda to create drama to get money for a big splash on the screen. And you want security so it looks like your important enough to silence. By the time you get your movie to new found fame done, your abusers will be dead. This is getting very shameful. I'm embarrassed for you groveling to be in the spotlight by creating so much drama. It won't bring in any viewers and no theater will waste showing a movie for ten people to see! Some dragons and super heroes wouldn't even bring the crowds you expect in. As a person who has fought for people to stop the abuse by reporting for 45 years, you have made a joke of abuse. I guarantee our local theatre won't be playing any movie you make, Hollywood isn't the only one that can stop it from being shown. You could have been a real voice, you're blowing your credibility, your motivation is not about justice.

  • Charles
    Charles Dec 9, 2017 8:07 AM PST

    Just uhg. I believe that Corey was abused. I also believe that lots of kids are abused as children. It's up to parents in particular to make sure that there is no abuse going on. With that said, Corey is no Angel. He loves drugs, money, orgies, and fame. He has been on top, and then failed at acting, failed at music, and desperately wants to be famous and loved by all. Well, he's not a good person. I encourage everyone to watch his wifeswap video. It's on YouTube. If you still think he's a decent human being after that, read up On his lingerie parties. If that doesn't convince you read about his drug orgy a few years back. Point being. The reason Hollywood isn't donating is they already know this about him. They know he is an unsavory character that is not to be trusted with money. Information is out there, educate yourself first if u want to donate.

  • Charles
    Charles Dec 9, 2017 1:29 AM PST

    Yes, seriously people, we need to give him our money while there's still time. Rose McGowan is dead after two trucks came out of nowhere and ran her over. Other who have spoken out against names 100 times bigger than Feldman's names have been killed too! Anthony Edwards is face down in a ditch right now! We need to learn from the past and hand our money over to Feldman for "security" now! And when I say now, I mean NOW! Nevermind the fact that paparazzi have photographed Feldman walking around without his head blown off. Nevermind that Feldman has been traveling freely to appear on various TV shows. Forget all that and just remember that one video where he made weeks ago where he said he was holed up in a motel room in fear for his life and that he had to cancel all tour dates because his life was in such grave danger!

  • Veronica
    Veronica Dec 7, 2017 6:45 PM PST

    I believe Corey Feldman. It's not hard for me to think the law enforcement agency was involved in a cover-up. I do not know anything about the Santa Barbara Police Department, but I do have experience with the Beverly Hills Police Department- they will cover-up a case.

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