Whoopi Goldberg Slams 'OK Boomer' Social Media Trend, Says Her Generation Has Been 'Taking Care Of Business'

Whoopi Goldberg Slams 'OK Boomer' Social Media Trend, Says Her Generation Has Been 'Taking Care Of Business'
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The View host and moderator Whoopi Goldberg is not happy with the recent “OK boomer” trend on social media that’s rapidly spread among millennials and Generation Z. Goldberg went on a passionate rant about the topic in a recent episode, and she says the younger generations need to get their facts straight.

In case you aren’t familiar with the recent trend, “OK Boomer” has quickly become a popular way for millennials and Gen Z to essentially roll their eyes at advice from baby boomers that they believe to be out of touch.

Goldberg gave the following tweet as an example of the trend: “You can’t just apply for jobs online. You have to get out there! Drop off resumes, call them everyday! Go pound the pavement. #BoomerAdvice”

After the Oscar-winning actress read the tweet, she said “that doesn’t seem like bad advice.”

Her co-host Abby Huntsman - a millennial - chimed in and said she loves talking to her grandparents and she says her boomer mom gives great advice. But, fellow millennial Meghan McCain had a theory as to why the trend is so popular. She says that her generation is frustrated with baby boomers making promises and then “screwing up the entire world with the environment, the economy, etc…”

McCain went on to posit that the promises made to the baby boomer generation were not made to hers. She says millennials make less money, have a harder time getting a job, and they’ve been given a world that is extremely chaotic.

“This is the first generation that has been left the world a less promising place,” said McCain.

But, Goldberg vehemently disagreed, and then she asked the audience if they remembered the pictures from what Los Angeles looked like 25 or 30 years ago, when the air quality was so bad you couldn’t see the Hollywood sign.

“You know who cleaned that up? The boomers. Do you know who cleaned up all of those streams?” asked Goldberg. “That’s why I get so upset when people start saying, ‘Well, your generation didn’t do anything.’ How the hell do you think stuff got done? People keep saying, ‘Oh, y’all are not woke.’ We never went to sleep! Y’all were allowed to nap ’cause we were taking care of business.”

McCain then argued that the “OK boomer” trend was because President Donald Trump is a baby boomer, and this is backlash against him. Goldberg said that’s fine if younger generations want to be mad at President Trump, but there are a lot of folks in her generation that have spent a lot of time trying to get this right.

Whoopi Golberg said that young people are just now starting to wake up and say they want to be a part of this. And, her response to that is: “Yeah, we’ve been telling you we needed you to be part of it.”

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