Whoopi Goldberg Says She Is Still Not Completely Fine Months After Nearly Dying

Whoopi Goldberg Says She Is Still Not Completely Fine Months After Nearly Dying
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About five months ago, Whoopi Goldberg nearly lost her life after being diagnosed with a really bad case of pneumonia but fortunately, she was able to recover. However, The View co-host and beloved actress now reveals that she is still not ‘100% fine’ after the terrifying health scare.

Still, she tells her fans that, while the process is slow, her state is improving on a daily basis.

During a new interview with People, Whoopi updated everyone on her health, months after her February diagnosis.

‘It’s going to be a while before i’m back to 100%,’ she mentioned.

As you remember, the star got a really bad lung infection that kept her off the show for no less than six weeks!

She went on to also tell the news outlet that, for weeks before the diagnosis, she had been feeling rotten.

However, she thought it was only a bad cold and cough.

But, upon talking about her symptoms with her longtime pal, Dr. Jorge E. Rodriguez, she realized something was really wrong with her.

While on the phone with her, the doctor would hear her wheezing and realize she was going in and out of consciousness so he immediately called her an ambulance.

‘I knew the way the EMT looked at me that I was really sick. All the color drained out of his face,’ the actress remembers.

She had a 103 degree fever and needed lung drainage with a needle not once but twice!

‘It really took me down, but I’m getting there. I’ve cut down on a lot of the stuff I would normally be doing and have to rest. In the morning I go and do the show, afterward I have my other work, and at around 3 o’clock, I need to sit down. I have to stop. It is taking a little while, but I am getting there.’

Whoopi mentioned that she feels about 70 percent healthy at this point so she is recovering, only very slowly.

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