Whoopi Goldberg May Be The Host Of This Year's Oscars

Whoopi Goldberg May Be The Host Of This Year's Oscars
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Ever since the Kevin Hart/Oscars controversy near the beginning of the year, rumors have swirled that the Academy wouldn't be able to find an effective replacement - or even a person to host at all. Kevin stepped down from Oscar hosting duties following the resurfacing of some of his tweets from the past in which the comic made homophobic jokes.

As it was reported previously, Kevin came out on his social media to confirm that he would complete a life-long dream of his: hosting the Academy Awards. However, following a few media reports, Kevin was asked to apologize and he refused.

During his appearence on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kevin sat down with the host and was defiant until the bitter end. However, many of his fans were pleased with the comic's response, mostly due to the fact the general public was upset his ability to host was even called into question.

Putting that aside, finding a host became a serious problem for the Oscars. And now, Time Magazine has suggested that Whoopi Goldberg will be the one to host the Academy Awards this year. Although her co-host on The View , Joy Behar, denied the rumors, others have suggested Whoopi is definitely taking the top spot.

You can check out the tweet from Peter Knegt below:

On Thursday's episode of The View , Joy said there was a conspiracy theory that Goldberg was secretly getting ready to host the 91st Academy Awards, which is purportedly not accurate at all. "She's actually recovering from pneumonia," the host remarked.

It's unclear who will actually host the ceremony this year. Many stars have suggested they simply don't want to do it because it's such a thankless job. Moreover, with what happened to Kevin Hart, celebrities aren't willing to go under the microscope just to host the ceremony.

Chris Rock, for instance, said he refused to host the Academy Awards because people were far too sensitive these days. The star echoed the claims made by other comedians including Jerry Seinfeld, who once famously stated the public has become far too touchy.

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