Whoopi Goldberg In Hot Water After ‘Body-Shaming’ Mariah Carey - 'She's Canceled!'

Whoopi Goldberg In Hot Water After ‘Body-Shaming’ Mariah Carey - 'She's Canceled!'
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Whoopi Goldberg did not hesitate to judge Mariah Carey’s weight in the music video for Heartbreaker and now, she is getting backlash for body-shaming the singer, especially since the clip came out almost two decades ago! That’s right, the judgmental comments made by the actress and co-host of The View came nearly 20 years after the music video was released.

Now, people are wondering - will there be a feud between the two women?

It all started during an interview with Jerry O’Connell on The View and the ladies talked about his starring role in Mariah’s music video at the time.

The production that came out in 1999 is iconic as it shows Mariah playing both herself as well as her alter-ego, Bianca.

As she dances provocatively in a movie theater, the star shows off her toned body and flat abdomen in low-rise jeans and a pink crochet crop.

However, it seems like Whoopi was not impressed by how good Mariah looked as she commented that the music video was ’20 bodies ago!’

To be fair, she did not go on to explain what she meant but it sounds like she was referring to all the changes the singer has gone through during the last 20 years.

Mariah was 29 at the time and since then, she’s welcomed a pair of twins with Nick Cannon, 8 year old Monroe and Morrocan.

She’s also been through a lot of emotional turmoil and has struggled to control her weight.

While it’s never been confirmed by the singer herself, there have been insider reports that she managed to shed 30 pounds recently due to undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.

Lately, Mariah has been feeling herself and showing off her body a lot.

One fan commented on the supposed body-shaming, saying ‘@WhoopiGoldberg is canceled. She clearly hates Mariah. We been knew since NYE 2016.’

Others had similar things to say, some complaining that the actress is ‘really mean.’

What do you think about what Whoopi said?


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  • Anne
    Anne Aug 5, 2019 8:52 AM PDT

    I think the view should be taken off the air. All the women do is hate on everything and everyone. The chew was taken off and Mario wasn't on the show any more and it was entertaining this show is not!

  • Dee
    Dee Aug 5, 2019 6:13 AM PDT

    Whoopi should be faced shame...get a mirror, Whoopi, and a clue, before your open your mouth.

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