Whitney Port Reveals That She And Her Man Endured Another Miscarriage

Whitney Port Reveals That She And Her Man Endured Another Miscarriage
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On her Instagram account this week, Whitney Port , The Hills alum, shared how she and her partner had endured another miscarriage. The 35-year-old posted on her IG that it wasn't an "easy one," before going on to tell her fans and followers that they had lost the baby.

Whitney explained how she and her man had started a new YouTube channel in which they vlogged their journey getting a house together and also their pregnancy journey. Unfortunately, they lost the pregnancy, and that was it.

Whitney Port - who married her husband, Tim Rosenman in 2015 - explained how they initially didn't want to make the news public because they didn't want to "relive the pain." Port said they felt differently about the predicament and decided to share it.

Reportedly, Port and Rosenman went through a miscarriage in July 2019 and chose not to reveal it initially. On her IG this Monday, Whitney also shared how she and Tim were going through a lot of difficult emotions, but they knew they would just be fine.

Additionally, Page Six says Port shared an 11-minute video on her YouTube channel this Monday in which they talked about the miscarriage again. Obviously, this wouldn't be the first time a public figure lost a baby and shared the news with their followers.

Meghan Markle wrote an op-ed back in 2020 in which she talked about how she had a miscarriage. Meghan was the recipient of a lot of praise online. Another star to do the same is Chrissy Teigen, who announced that she and John Legen lost their baby amid the quarantine lockdown.

Chrissy was also praised by her peers, including Kate Beckinsale, who bashed some of her haters on social media while simultaneously saying how she had gotten a miscarriage at some point too.

As it was previously reported, Chrissy and John Legend lost their baby just a few months ago. Chrissy revealed the news with a black and white Instagram post in which she was sitting on her hospital bed crying.

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