Whitney Port Opens Up About Her Struggle With A Miscarriage

Whitney Port Opens Up About Her Struggle With A Miscarriage
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According to a report from People.com, the 34-year-old reality star from The Hills: New Beginnings, revealed the sad news of her previous miscarriage during an episode of the small screen star's podcast, With Whit .

The Hills alum told listeners she and her man, Tim Rosenman, were expecting a child who would be the brother to their son, Sonny Sanford, who is turning 2-years-old on Saturday, this weekend. In a preview clip posted on her Instagram page, the reality star wrote in the caption, "two weeks ago, I had a miscarriage."

According to the 34-year-old, she felt "various emotions" over the last few weeks, including guilt which, after some time, or at least she hopes, will eventually turn into relief and acceptance. Whitney said her identity as a woman and as a mother was shaken.

"Whether or not people feel the same way as me or not," the star began, the emotions she has recently felt are her own. Port went on to say that she wants her platform to be a place where women can have very honest and candid discussions about some of the more challenging issues that they face.

In a much longer preview of her podcast on the star's YouTube channel, Port stated that she previously stopped taking birth control in an attempt to get pregnant. She and her man updated close relatives and friends of the happy news amid the first trimester.

One evening, however, she began to feel nauseous and exhausted, right around the sixth week, and the following morning, she woke up to see blood in her underwear. It wasn't a huge deal at first, however, as the days went on, the bleeding became more severe.

After going to the doctor, and undergoing an ultrasound, the reality star and her man were informed of the baby's condition. The medical professional soon told them that it wasn't going to be a "viable pregnancy." Whitney isn't the only woman to suffer a miscarriage in recent news.

Shay Mitchell also came out to say that she suffered a miscarriage as well. According to People Magazine, Shay Mitchell revealed recently that she had a miscarriage last year in 2018. The 31-year-old Pretty Little Liars actress shared a series of Instagram Stories in which she revealed to her fans her troublesome 2018 experience.

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