Whitney Houston Was Using Drugs Long Before She Met Bobby Brown, Says Robyn Crawford

Whitney Houston Was Using Drugs Long Before She Met Bobby Brown, Says Robyn Crawford
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Whitney Houston’s best friend and confidant Robyn Crawford has already surprised many fans by claiming in her new memoir A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston that she had a physical relationship with the legendary singer. And now, more revelations from the book have surfaced, including Crawford’s assertion that Houston was using cocaine long before she met her husband, Bobby Brown.

While speaking to Craig Melvin for her upcoming appearance on Dateline this weekend - which the Today show teased on Friday morning - Crawford said that the long-held public perception that Brown introduced Houston to drugs is simply not true.

"That's true. She wasn't doing it [drugs] regularly, but she would do it sometimes and might, you know -- overdo it," claimed Crawford. "But, you know, Bobby, he didn't introduce her to cocaine, no."

Crawford explained that she would remind the How Will I Know singer that they said doing coke couldn’t go where they were going, and they were already there. Crawford told Houston that they shouldn’t be doing it, but she noticed that Houston would go ahead and use the drug because she was having difficulty stopping.

Crawford also revealed that Houston’s tumultuous relationship with Brown wasn’t even her first choice, as the singer was more interested in comedian Eddie Murphy. However, he was “elusive,” and Crawford says that Houston “lost herself” trying to pursue him. On the day Houston married Brown, Crawford says that Murphy called and told her she was making a mistake, but “she pressed ahead” and married the former New Edition singer.

Crawford says that her friendship with Houston was “deep,” and they were intimate on many levels. In the early part of their friendship, Crawford says things got physical between them, but no one else knew because “it was ours.”

Things turned platonic because they were learning the music business, and Crawford claims she and Houston didn’t want anything interfering with her career and where she was going.

Robyn Crawford explained that she was sharing her story now - even though she never envisioned speaking publicly about her life - because she asked herself what Whitney would want and would she understand the time is now.

A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston is expected to hit bookshelves on November 12th.


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