Whitney Cummings Gets Real Candid On Her Roseanne Reboot Departure

Whitney Cummings Gets Real Candid On Her Roseanne Reboot Departure
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According to a report from The Daily Beast, Whitney Cummings recently sat down with reporters from the outlet and explained her real reason for leaving ABC's Roseanne reboot amid Roseanne Barr's firing for making racist jokes on Twitter.

It was approximately one year ago when Cummings stated she was leaving Roseanne from her duties as a showrunner. Whitney said the idea of working with Roseanne made a lot of sense at the time, interestingly, the comedian actually left her duties on the production before Roseanne was famously fired.

Following her tweet that subsequently ended her career in Hollywood, Roseanne Barr sold off the rights to her show and allowed ABC to continue with a spin-off called The Conners.

In a tweet from May of 2018, Whitney wrote that it was a great experience to work with the cast and crew but she had to step down due to touring scheduling and other engagements. According to The Daily Beast, Roseanne's tweets played a fundamental role in her leaving the show.

Cummings said to the outlet that she actually wanted Roseanne to stop using Twitter because she felt as though eventually things were going to "come to a head."

Before getting a job on Roseanne , Barr had a long history of making tweets which some people found to be offensive, and Whitney states she didn't know about it, despite the fact many people might not believe her. It was the tweet about Valerie Jarett that finally pushed ABC to cut ties with the Roseanne creator.

According to Cummings, the situation was a nightmare because she and many other people on the show worked so hard for around 12 months and it was all for nothing. The show was simply flushed down the drain in an instant and all because of a tweet.

Interestingly, 2 Broke Girls , starring Kat Dennings, was also a show Whitney created, and she envisioned it as being what Roseanne Conner would've been like in her twenties.

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