Whitney Cummings And Her Fiancé Miles Skinner Call Off Their Engagement

Whitney Cummings And Her Fiancé Miles Skinner Call Off Their Engagement
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Whitney Cummings, the stand-up comedian, has officially called off her engagement to Miles Skinner, her former fiancé, after just one year, a report from Us Magazine revealed. The 37-year-old comic dished on her choice to call it off on the Good For You podcast.

Cummings felt it was necessary to add that the breakup between her and her man was amicable and without any drama. "I'm no longer engaged," the 37-year-old comedienne remarked, adding that it wasn't a nasty breakup.

Cummings said to the podcast's co-hosts that she was stressed out at the idea of planning a wedding, and the whole thing really overwhelmed her. Moreover, following her mother's stroke, the idea of getting married was just too much for her to deal with.

Whitney said to the co-hosts of the podcast that it was stressful to deal with her mother's failing health as well as the wedding all at once. She felt in her heart that planning a wedding should be fun, rather than a "complete bummer."

The 35-year-old, Skinner, first proposed to the 2 Broke Girls creator back in September 2018. She was 36-years-old at the time. Previously, Whitney explained to reporters from Us Magazine that she and Skinner had decided to put the wedding on hold for the moment due to the stressfulness of planning.

Back in November 2019, Whitney explained to the outlet that with everything going on in her life at the time, adding a wedding on top of it all was simply too much. Additionally, Cummings explained that she grew up without much money, so she was more than aware of how much things really cost.

According to multiple reports, Skinner and Cummings first kicked off their relationship after meeting online. In an Instagram video, Cummings showed off her engagement ring after he asked her to marry him back in 2018.

Cummings joked that she was able to find love on a dating app, and it was proof that someone could do it. In the last decade, Whitney has found success not only through her stand-up career but also when she created 2 Broke Girls  and worked on Roseanne until it was canceled.


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