While In The Middle Of His Performance Of "Circles," Post Malone Took A Nasty Tumble At His St. Louis Show

While In The Middle Of His Performance Of "Circles," Post Malone Took A Nasty Tumble At His St. Louis Show
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After falling onstage during his show in St. Louis on Saturday night, Post Malone required immediate medical attention and had to be attended to by paramedics.

At the Enterprise Center, towards the middle of his performance, as he was singing "Circles," he suffered a nasty wipeout, which several fans documented by posting footage of the incident on social media.

Malone, who is 27 years old, was walking down a ramp when he stepped into a hole that wasn't covered. The hole was used to lower Malone's instrument. He fell to the ground in a swift and forceful action, which caused his face and the entirety of his body to smack into the surface of the floor.

The rapper yelled out in agony as he continued to lay on the ground while his hit song continued to play in the background. He then winced over as if in pain.

As the audience began to sing his name, medical personnel and security guards rushed to his assistance. However, as soon as people in the audience realized how serious the issue was, they became silent, and the music quickly stopped.
After being helped by the medical staff for only a short while, the Congratulations singer finally got to her feet and left the stage a few minutes later. He told the crowd that he will be ready to perform in three or four minutes once he finished getting ready backstage.

With applause and cheers from the crowd, Malone thanked the fans for their patience and apologized for the "big-ass hole" on the stage. I appreciate everyone's patience, and I genuinely appreciate everyone, because I have the best f—ing fans in the world.

I'm determined to make this trip the best it can be no matter what we f*cking do. One of the audience members claimed that the "Rockstar" singer had shattered three ribs and was in so much pain that he was crying, yet he persisted in singing nevertheless.

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