When Is 'Shahs Of Sunset' Returning For Season 8?

When Is 'Shahs Of Sunset' Returning For Season 8?
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The Season 7 reunion of Shahs of Sunset is not over yet, but fans are already wondering when the show will return for Season 8. Bravo has not officially renewed the show for another season, but they haven’t canceled it either. So, the chances of Season 8 are still very good; we just don’t know an exact date when the show will return.

In the past, there hasn’t been much of a pattern when it comes to Shahs of Sunset premiere dates. Seasons 2 and 3 premiered almost one year apart from each other in December and November. But, during the years that Seasons 4 and 5 aired, they both premiered in March and April, respectively.

The two most recent seasons have premiered during the summer, so it is quite possible we will see Season 8 in June or July of 2019. But, it will most likely begin in whatever month works best for the network.

Season 7 has been such an eventful one for most of the members of the cast that they were barely able to fit it all into 15 episodes. While Mercedes “MJ” Javid was planning her long-awaited wedding, she lost her father. And, as soon as newbie Nema Vand showed up, he immediately targeted the newly-single GG, who wasn’t nearly as interested in Vand as he was in her.

There was seemingly some major chemistry between the two, but nothing ever happened. However, Vand did end up breaking things off with his live-in girlfriend, who he had been with for five years, and part of the reason was his flirting with GG.

Everyone’s lives are changing and taking big steps towards adulthood as Season 7 comes to a close, including Destiny Rose who is trying to find her estranged father.

Away from the cameras, Javid and her new husband, Tommy Feight, are expecting their first baby, and GG also has babies on the brain. She told Entertainment Tonight in August that she had hoped to find the right man to father a child for her, but she didn’t want to enter into a romantic relationship.

No one has talked publicly about Season 8, but according to Romper, there is a chance that they have already started filming before Season 7 is off the air. Because Javid announced her pregnancy and is expected to give birth in May 2019, and the most recent season featured her April 2018 wedding, there is a possibility they are on the same production schedule.

But, until Bravo makes an official announcement, it is all just speculation.

Part two of the Season 7 reunion of Shahs of Sunset will air Thursday, November 29th on Bravo.


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