What's Next For Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas?

What's Next For Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas?
Credit: Source: Sophie Turner/Instagram

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are quickly approaching their first wedding anniversary and there have been many changes for the popular celebrity couple. Joe Jonas celebrates his 31st birthday in August but Sophie just turned 24-years-old on February 21, 2020. Joe celebrated by paying special tribute to his bride as reported by Ashley Mitchell and now there are rumors that a baby is going to solidify their family as reports state Sophie is pregnant. So what is next for the couple? With this many changes underway it seems that Sophie and Joe are forging their path together and loving each other each step of the way.

With Sophie and Joe celebrating their one-year-anniversary in just a few months, they are sure to have something special planned. Sophie and Joe first married on May 1, 2019, just to make things legal. They had a second, more grandiose wedding on June 29, 2019, with family and friends. Their second wedding was in France and photos of Sophie as the bride went viral as she wore a Louis Vuitton wedding gown.

Joe Jonas shared a photo of Sophie on her birthday and called her the love of his life. The two continue to show tremendous PDA when in public and it is apparent that these two lovebirds are definitely still in their honeymoon stage, making it the perfect time for Sophie to have a baby.

At this point, it is unclear if Sophie is pregnant or if these are just rumors, but recent reports say Sophie has not been drinking alcohol — not even at her birthday celebration!

Now that Game of Thrones has wrapped up, it might be the perfect time for Sophie to take a break from her acting in order to focus on having a baby with Joe.

That's not to say that fans aren't going to see Sophie Turner on the silver screen. Though her projects have finished, she will appear in the new Quibi television series Survive that is scheduled for an April 6, 2020, premiere date.

What do you think about Sophie and Joe Turner as a couple? Are you looking forward to seeing Sophie Turner pregnant?


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