What Would It Take To Get Eva Mendes Back On The Big Screen Again Following A Five-Year Hiatus?

What Would It Take To Get Eva Mendes Back On The Big Screen Again Following A Five-Year Hiatus?
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According to Eva Mendes, she'd love to collaborate with Ryan Gosling in a movie following her last appearence in 2014's Lost River. It's been five years since she starred in the film, so fans have been wondering what it would take to see Eva back on the big screen?

And Mendes said she'd have to work with Ryan if people wanted to see her in a movie once more. When Extra spoke with her recently, she said that she'd "absolutely" trade lines with the Notebook actor.

In 2012, Ryan and Eva costarred in The Place Beyond The Pines , the critically acclaimed film starring the two aforementioned stars as well as Bradley Cooper. The 45-year-old said, "I'm excited to go back to work," however, she's not exactly "dying" to start appearing in television and film again. Eva loves being with her kids.

Regarding their two children together, Esmeralda and Amada, who are 4 and 2-years-old respectively, Mendes said she's definitely the more strict parent. Some fans find this hard to believe considering the roles Ryan has played in the past, like  The Place Beyond The Pines,  Blade Runner 2049,  as well as  Drive.

Mendes said she's not fond of the "helicopter parent" term, because, according to her, isn't that what parents are supposed to do? She watches what they eat, what they watch, and when they go to bed.

According to the source who spoke with Us Weekly, the 38-year-old Canadian-American and Mendes rarely allow the media to see what's going on inside their private lives.

The insider said, "they're extremely private." The source went on to say that Eva and Ryan are very careful not to show their personal lives. In other words, the paparazzi won't catch them seeing a movie together at the theater anytime soon.

Furthermore, the source added, their privacy is incredibly important to Ryan, whose apparently "completely infatuated with Eva." The source said it's his "main goal" to ensure Eva's happiness. According to Mendes, who spoke with reporters from Shape back in March of 2017, she'd rather be with their girls rather than on the red carpet.

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