What Will Happen To Cardi B's Career Now That She Is Pregnant? Her Plans Revealed!

What Will Happen To Cardi B's Career Now That She Is Pregnant? Her Plans Revealed!
Credit: Source: vanityfair.com

Is Cardi B going to take a break from her blooming rap career now that she is pregnant with her first baby? Here is what we have learned!

One source explained that ‘Cardi would like to hit the ground running from when she gives birth and continue to work, tour, and record. She knows this is her time and she wants to provide for her child the best she can. So, working and being a mother’s something she’s very excited to take part in. She does not need the rest.’

It totally makes sense for her to continue to ride the wave considering how much she has accomplished in just a year.

Not to mention her new album Invasion of Privacy, which went Gold in just 24 hours!

Still, we are certain she will have to take some time off in order to care for her baby.

Fortunately, her fiancé and baby daddy Offset is an experienced father as he already has three kids from previous relationships.

After some time of hiding her pregnancy, Cardi B finally showed off her baby bump on SNL this past weekend.

At some point during her performance of Be Careful, the camera zoomed out, and upon noticing her round midsection, the audience went crazy.

The rapper looked gorgeous in a white Christian Siriano dress.

Fans are super excited to keep up with Cardi’s pregnancy journey, especially because it is her first.

Shortly after the official announcement, Offset took to social media to show his gratitude towards their supporters who flooded them with congratulatory messages.


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