What Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Really Thought About Lindsay Lohan Flirting With Tyga

What Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Really Thought About Lindsay Lohan Flirting With Tyga
Credit: Source: Elite Daily

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott had a good laugh after they heard about how Lindsay Lohan tried to flirt with Tyga on Instagram . Openly flirting with someone's ex usually doesn't end well, but insiders claim that Jenner could not care less about Tyga's love life.

A source revealed that Jenner has moved on since the breakup and wishes Lohan and Tyga all the best if they get together. She also thinks it is a little funny that Lohan has a huge crush on Tyga and laughed pretty hard about them potentially hooking up.

"Kylie isn’t bothered by Lindsay flirting with Tyga," the insider dished. "Kylie has moved on from her relationship with Tyga and feels like if Lindsay wants him, she can have him."

According to Hollywood Life , Lohan has had the hots for Tyga for quite some time. The actress reportedly has a thing for bad boys and can't resist the thought of getting with Tyga.

The source claims that Lohan sent the rapper a few DMs on Instagram and tried to seduce him. Tyga, however, did not take the bait and does not seem interested.

While Lohan tries to bust a move, Jenner and Scott are doing better than ever. Jenner recently joined Scott's tour and the pair has reportedly grown closer over the past few weeks.

One insider says that Scott's schedule is crazy when he is touring, but he still has time for Jenner . Although Jenner did not think touring would be fun, she is thoroughly enjoying playing the role of Scott's wife.

Jenner and Travis Scott have not commented on Lohan's flirty ways. The two just welcomed their first child, Stormi, earlier this year.

Lohan made waves after she commented on a bed-side selfie Tyga posted on social media. The actress wrote, "Taste," in the comments, which sent fans into a frenzy. In fact, a few fans encouraged Lohan to keep pursuing the rapper, though he has yet to respond to the comment.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner dated for two years before calling it quits in 2017.


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