What Is Janet Jackson Counting Down To?

What Is Janet Jackson Counting Down To?
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It looks like Janet Jackson is preparing for something epic as she recently posted a countdown on her website.

As soon as she posted the countdown on the homepage, her fans started speculating what big event she was so excited about!

According to the rumors, she may be returning to the stage!

In 2016, the artist postponed her Unbreakable World Tour to plan a family, and now, her followers hope she is going to reprise the tour.

Michael Jackson’s sister has recently given birth to her son Eissa but was also involved in a less happy situation – her divorce which followed shortly after she brought the baby to the world.

Amid her shocking and unexpected split from her billionaire baby daddy, fans are hoping she is ready to go back to her career and step on stage once again.

One fan took to social media to share their opinion on what the artist may be counting down to.

And it seems like the speculations that she may be continuing her world tour may prove to be true.

Fans whose shows were rescheduled noticed updates on their Ticketmaster accounts.

The name was changed to State of the World Tour.

As the timer counts down to the big news, fans still have to wait until tomorrow, May 1st to find out for sure what Janet Jackson is cooking up.

What do you think Janet Jackson has up her sleeve? Would you like to see her return to the stage?

Let us know your thoughts by cruising down to the comment section!

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  • ShawnM
    ShawnM May 1, 2017 7:53 AM PDT

    Whatever she chooses to do, I /(we the fans) will be ready and willing to see and support!!!!

  • Mary
    Mary Apr 30, 2017 6:26 AM PDT

    Janet I know you owe your fans but you also owe your son the first 6 months of his life to get to bound with his mother and your body needs those same 6 months to heal your and being parents of 4 we ask you to think of that bound cause you and any mother who has cared such a precious little one don't want to miss any of that time good luck Ms. Janet with the enjoyment of motherhood it's wonderful. Remember he comes first. Good luck

  • Kimny
    Kimny Apr 30, 2017 6:14 AM PDT

    Can't wait Janet! So proud of you!!!! CONGRATS ON your ADORABLE Son!!

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