What Gwen Stefani Really Thinks Of Miranda Lambert's Latest Digs At Her Man Blake Shelton

What Gwen Stefani Really Thinks Of Miranda Lambert's Latest Digs At Her Man Blake Shelton
Source: E Online

Gwen Stefani is steering clear of any drama with Miranda Lambert . The country singer just released a new track that throws some shade on her divorce with Blake Shelton. While fans might think Stefani was unhappy when she heard about the song, inside sources say Stefani could care less about Lambert’s dig.

“Gwen is not concerned whatsoever if Miranda’s new song is, or is not, about Blake,” an insider explained.

The source added that Stefani knows her boyfriend is over Lambert and is not “threatened one bit” about what she says. Shelton and Lambert got divorced several years ago.

Stefani went through her own breakup months after Shelton’s divorce, so she knows exactly what it is like moving on. Stefani also never wants to behave like an angry ex-wife and expects Lambert to act the same way.

Lambert’s new song clearly references her split with Shelton. In the song, Lambert sings about spending time in court and changing her name after the divorce. The track is clearly referring to Lambert and Shelton’s split, but sources say Stefani is hopeful that Lambert has moved on. She also wants to see Lambert find a love of her own and stop living in the past.

As far as Shelton is concerned, sources say he also listened to the song and thought it was good music. Shelton reportedly had no issues with the content of the track and thought it was a catchy tune. Shelton and Stefani have not commented on Lambert’s digs.

Their reaction to the song is understandable considering how their relationship is stronger than ever. Based on how the two are in love, it is clear that Blake Shelton has moved on from the divorce and is happy with how things are going with Stefani.

Miranda Lambert has not commented on the rumors surrounding Gwen Stefani’s reaction to her new track. Lambert performed the song, titled “Name Changed Back,” with her band, Pistol Annies.


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  • Em
    Em Nov 1, 2018 11:53 AM PDT

    When it is so clear to most adults that Gwen and Blake were cheating prior to any divorce. Then they both decide to rewrite history making them selves innocents? LOL! Of course she is not going to say a thing. Gwen is a liar as is Blake. I find the song hilarious. And when one looks back at how Blake and his Mistress have knocked Lambert? I’m glad Miranda is letting us know that about Gwen. Nothing we didn’t know.

    • Ruth Davis
      Ruth Davis Feb 27, 2019 2:14 PM PST

      You hit the nail on the head. Who would want either one of them of they've been together. They both cheats and liars.

    • Stacy Hall
      Stacy Hall Nov 2, 2018 7:27 AM PDT

      It's well known that Miranda cheated first. With a married man. When she got with Blake she had a man. When her and Blake broke up she moved on. Yeah you guessed it with a married man. Poor, cheating, man stealing Miranda

    • Melissa
      Melissa Nov 1, 2018 7:13 PM PDT

      So true

    • Stella Hernandez
      Stella Hernandez Nov 2, 2018 2:38 PM PDT

      And you were there and know this to be 100% true what your posting??

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