What Did Stassi Schroeder's BF Beau Clarke Do Before Vanderpump Rules?

What Did Stassi Schroeder's BF Beau Clarke Do Before Vanderpump Rules?
Credit: Source: Bravo

Stassi Schroeder’s boyfriend, Beau Clark , made his debut on Vanderpump Rules this season. And, as fans get to know him, more details are starting to emerge about his relationship with Schroeder and what he did before joining VPR.

According to The Daily Dish, the Season 7 episodes of VPR are not the first time that Clark has been in front of a camera. Back in 2005, he had a big role in the music video for the Lifehouse song You and Me, and in 2010 he starred in a short film titled The Loneliness of the Long Distance Dreamer.

Ironically, his co-star in the movie was Kristen Doute, and just a few seconds into the start of the film Doute and Clark share a kiss.

"I did a short film, and it was probably 10, 11 years ago, and I never saw it for some reason. I randomly bumped into the director again, and long story short, he sent me the link for the short, and I was watching it — this was probably two years ago — and it opens up with me making out with some chick. I’m like, 'That mouth looks really familiar.' And then I fast-forwarded it to the end, and I go to the credits, and it says, 'Kristen Doute.' I’m like, 'Holy mother sh--balls. That’s frickin’ awkward,'" revealed Clark.

He also admitted to sending Doute a link to the video, and she had a similar reaction. Clark says it was a funny moment, and it was further proof that VPR is “incestuous” just like some fans claim. He also says that making out with Doute made it that much easier to “slide into the group.”

Clark arrived in Los Angeles more than 15 years ago, but he didn’t have any plans to pursue an acting career. He says that his focus was on directing and casting. But, when he got an offer to act with a lot of money behind it, he couldn’t say no.

This led to a string of roles in “crappy D-movies,” and he says we won’t turn down a Cialis commercial. But he loves his job in casting and has been doing it for a long time.

Clark says that he grew up living a “gypsy kind of life,” and ended up moving around a lot with his parents. And, when it was time for him to live his own life, he had no trouble moving far away from home. He added that he has been able to build a great life in LA.

Clark and Schroeder have actually been dating for more than a year, but at first, he wasn’t on board with the idea of being on VPR. He had never watched the show before he started dating Schroeder, and he thought that all the cast did was “get drunk and be a**holes to each other.”

However, he slowly changed his mind because the show is Stassi Schroeder’s life and it means a lot to her. Beau Clark says he wanted to do his best and be there for her as much as possible.

New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Monday nights on Bravo.


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