Wendy's Hot Summer: Wendy Williams Dishes On Celebrity Hangouts, New Doctor Boyfriend, And Medical Diagnosis

Wendy's Hot Summer: Wendy Williams Dishes On Celebrity Hangouts, New Doctor Boyfriend, And Medical Diagnosis
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Wendy Williams has been on hiatus from her talk show for five weeks during which she has been having a hot girl summer. The host returned to her program Monday morning and dished all about it.

She started off by talking about her new celebrity friends which now includes the Kardashian-Jenner clan. She was invited to Kim and Kanye's house where she was shown the library by Kanye West and ate lunch with Kris Jenner which led to the stunning selfie that went viral .

Although Yeezy was standoffish at first, he ended up liking her and even invited the broadcasting queen to Sunday Service which she ended up having to turn down due to previous engagements.

Williams also told her audience that her newfound friendship with the A-listers doesn't mean that she will stop talking about them; however, it means that she will be able to call Kris up and get the story from a direct source!

She also spilled on her blossoming friendship with Blac Chyna who has been the nicest to her since appearing on her talk show early last month. Wendy also visited her house where she met King Cairo and described the life Chyna lives as 'good' and 'normal.'

Jackèe Harry, who is also friends with Blac Chyna, and Tasha Smith both tried to set the not-so-single anymore woman up.

Speaking of Wendy's love life, she explained that she was not dating the 27-year-old that she was spotted around town with nor was she spending her money on him -- they were simply hanging out. The sly queen of gossip did say that she was seeing someone.

The special someone was not named; however, viewers learned that he was a handsome black doctor in his 50's.

While out on the town with her younger 'friend,' social media noticed that Wendy had swelling in both of her ankles and reveals she was diagnosed with Lymphedema but doesn't want her fans to worry because she is getting treated for it.

It's great to see that after such a rough time in her life , Wendy is focusing on herself and her happiness.

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