Wendy Williams Warned Her Husband Kevin Hunter To Cut All Ties With Friend Sharina After Cheating Scandal

Wendy Williams Warned Her Husband Kevin Hunter To Cut All Ties With Friend Sharina After Cheating Scandal
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Wendy Williams has threatened her husband Kevin Hunter to stop hanging with his friend, Sharina. If he does not agree, she will take action! Ouch!

Wendy has found herself again tangled in a reported cheating scandal involving her husband, Kevin Hunter.



The irony of this whole situation is quite palpable considering her very recent feud with T.I. over the talk show host's thoughts on his alleged infidelities.

A source says that Wendy is putting her foot down and she is now demanding that her husband cleans up his act.

Wendy is embarrassed over her husband Kevin‘s latest cheating allegations,' a source close to Wendy confessed.

'She believes in him but needs him to be more careful with everything he does. Wendy does not want to be hurt or publicly humiliated by her man ever again so he can’t put himself in situations that look bad. Wendy also wants him to cut all ties with Sharina. She doesn’t want to ever hear about him being with her again. No meetings, lunches, texts or calls. Period.'

According to the same source, it looks like if Kevin doesn’t do right by his wife, she’s going to put her foot down!



'Wendy made it clear to Kevin that if he hurts her once more, she will be forced to make drastic changes. She doesn’t want to end things but she will if she has to. She has defended him in the past but does not want to go through anything like that ever again.'

What can we say, it seems like now probably Wendy means business! This isn’t the first time rumors popped up saying that Kevin was unfaithful to Wendy. Back in 2013, the talk show host herself admitted that he had had an affair in 2001 on VLAD TV. Poor woman!

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  • Prediction@Drealtalk
    [email protected] Nov 5, 2017 4:26 PM PST

    Kevin has moved this woman down the street she has a ring and drives their cars. He is waiting for Wendy to end it. He is not filing for divorce but Sharina wants him with her full time. A Baby!!!! is on the way for Kevin and Sharina too. It's a done deal!!!!

  • Deborah
    Deborah Sep 29, 2017 11:44 PM PDT

    From the available evidence, much of it photographic, it appears to me that Kevin Hunter should either clarify the nature of his relationship with Sharina Hudson, or confess his guilt. These allegations are the result of a "year-long" investigation (source: Daily Mail), and include several discomfitting details. Why does Sharina need to live in a house that Hunter owns? Why are both their names in the mailbox? Why do they need to go out and get groceries? The questions run on and on.

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