Wendy Williams Vs. 50 Cent - What Can She Do To Stop His Attacks?

Wendy Williams Vs. 50 Cent - What Can She Do To Stop His Attacks?
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50 Cent has many targets who he likes to drag on social media but none as often as Wendy Williams. One insider claims the rapper will never stop attacking the TV show host.

However, there may be one thing she can do to get him to end the petty feud but even that is not guaranteed to do the trick.

As you know, 50 thinks nothing is going too far when it comes to dissing the other.

His latest jab was a couple of days ago when he reposted a pic featuring Tiffany Haddish and her friend Wendy over her shoulder.

In the caption, he wrote: ‘👀Tiffany wait, there’s a monster on your shoulder don’t move. Whatever you do don’t look to your left. LOL.’

After this, many social media users slammed him, thinking he crossed a line by calling Wendy a 'monster' and 'ugly.'

But it doesn't seem like he cares what anyone thinks.

One insider now tells HollywoodLife that ‘Fifty Cent has felt incredibly disrespected by Wendy Williams for years, so he has zero plans of ever stopping from making fun of her on social media. He has no regrets and doesn’t feel badly at all. He feels Wendy has come at him for years and years.’

‘It’s partially in good fun because he knows it gets to her, but at the same time, Fifty is one to speak how he feels and he thinks she took things way too far for way too long. He knows people love a good laugh over this, too, which is all the more reason for him to keep digging on her. In Fifty’s eyes, this feud isn’t ending anytime soon until she issues a very public apology to him,’ they went on to dish.

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