Wendy Williams Trashes Rapper Future For His Plethora Of Baby Mommas

Wendy Williams Trashes Rapper Future For His Plethora Of Baby Mommas
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Earlier this week, it was reported that the "Mask Off" rapper, Future, had another child with yet another woman. However, not everyone out there in the entertainment industry is particularly happy about it, including Wendy Williams, who's no stranger to Future's dating life.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, it was confirmed earlier this week that Future is the father of a 1-year-old child named Reign Wilburn this past week. That means it's his eighth child with eight women. Wendy Williams, who, in the past, created a baby chart especially for Future, had to say something about it.

During a new virtual episode of her popular talk show, Wendy addressed this phenomenon at length. The television show host said on her platform that Future was "pathetic," and added that if a woman laid down with him, she must not think much about herself.

Williams went on to say that he was worth $40 million. She claimed, "so what? Eight kids, the DNA test is confirmed." Wendy went on to discuss the mother of Future's purported daughter, Eliza Reign, who supposedly referred to her child as a "check baby."

Wendy asked what kind of woman would refer to her child as a "check baby." According to Williams, Eliza Reign wants $55,000 per month from Future. "That's a lot of money," the television show host added.

Reportedly, Future is also embroiled in a legal suit with Cindy Parker - a mother of one of his other children. And the "Mask Off" rapper isn't the only performing artist to have a lot of kids either.

It's become a running joke in the hip-hop community that Fetty Wap as well, the "Save Dat Money" rapper, has many different children with a plethora of women. Many of his baby mommas have feuded with each other on social media, including Masika Kalysha and Alexis Skyy.

These days, however, Fetty Wap has been a lot less active on social media and in his career. The situation regarding Future and his baby mommas only gets more interesting considering Sara Molina, the mother of Tekashi 6ix9ine's child, has also been feuding with the rapper online. 

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