Wendy Williams Thinks The One Who Stole Tiny Harris' Jewelry Might Be Someone She Knows!

Wendy Williams Thinks The One Who Stole Tiny Harris' Jewelry Might Be Someone She Knows!
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Wendy Williams has a theory about Tiny Harris’ robbery! As fans know, the singer and reality TV star was robbed of no less than $750k worth of jewelry!

The expensive accessories were apparently stolen from her car and Wendy Williams thinks there are only two possible things that happened.

During her show earlier today, Wendy analyzed the robbery and came up with a couple of her own theories since a lot of things don’t seem to add up.

Wendy told her live audience that as far as she is concerned, it’s possible the one who stole the jewelry knows Tiny well.

The Atlanta police previously told the public via HollywoodLife that ‘There were no signs of forced entry or damage observed to the vehicle. The investigation continues.’

Hearing this, Wendy argued that: ‘Mrs. Harris… All I am saying Tiny is either you did not lock your door or maybe this was an inside job. But, hopefully the cameras are working [around the area her car was parked] and we will know the truth soon. I do not understand how you keep almost $1 million worth of jewelry in the console of your car on a regular basis.’

Tiny told the authorities that at the time the items were stolen from the luxury car, she was having some drinks with a friend at Bar Amalfi in Midtown Atlanta.

At around 9:15 P.M., she came back to the car, only to realize that the blue velour containing the jewelry was missing.

Fans were relieved that the star was at least safe and not hurt in any way in the robbery. It could have definitely been a lot worse!

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  • Me
    Me Oct 9, 2019 7:07 AM PDT

    Why does she have expensive jewelry in her car??? This sounds either extremely dumb or something else is going on

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