Wendy Williams Thinks Lamar Odom’s Son Was Right To Be Hurt Over His Sudden Engagement

Wendy Williams Thinks Lamar Odom’s Son Was Right To Be Hurt Over His Sudden Engagement
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The 17 year old son of Lamar Odom took to social media to call his dad out after finding out about his engagement to Sabrina Parr from the press instead of directly from him! Naturally, the boy was upset and now, Wendy Williams says she thinks he has all the right to feel that way!

While Lamar Odom Jr. has deleted his post since then, the talk show host did not forget about it and just had to be on his side!

The teenager was obviously very angry after learning about his dad’s engagement from the news, blindsiding him!

But later on, he actually decided to delete his emotional rant and apologize for posting it in the first place.

Regardless, Wendy believes Jr. is right to be hurt over this matter.

On her latest show, Wendy told her audience that ‘I agree with Lamar Jr., and good for you young man. You didn’t have to take it down. I understand what you’re saying. You know, here is the thing, at the very least you are supposed to make big announcements to your family, behind the scenes. And only after you go in front of the scenes and you talk about stuff. But, these are his kids.’

You may remember that Lamar took to his IG account to post a pic featuring him and Sabrina enjoying dinner together in Miami.

This is also when he showed off her new diamond ring to the world and announced: ‘Introducing my new fiancé!! Soon to be Mrs. Parr-Odom. She the ONE!!!!’

As for his son’s reaction to the announcement, he wrote: ‘Not a txt or a phone call to see how people who have known this dude his whole life to see how we'd feel or react. You Knew shawty for four months and already got you twisted, fam and friends already do not approve of homegirl but she already got your a** in a sunken place. Shame family gotta find out from social media but that has been how life's been all the time as a son of an Odom.’

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