Wendy Williams Thinks Hailey Baldwin Should Divorce Justin Bieber - Here's Why!

Wendy Williams Thinks Hailey Baldwin Should Divorce Justin Bieber - Here's Why!
Credit: Source: youtube.com

Wendy Williams believes it would be much better for Justin Bieber’s mental health if he and Hailey Baldwin ended their marriage as soon as possible! As fans know, Justin has admitted that he struggles with depression, which has only gotten worse lately.

The talk show host started by discussing the ways in which his mental health problems might affect the relationship in the future.

This comes amid many reports claiming that the young married couple is going through a rough patch, mostly because of the singer’s depression.

That being said, Wendy made it very clear that from her point of view, Hailey should just divorce Justin not because she doesn’t love and care about him, but the opposite!

‘Hailey Baldwin is only 22, she’s supposed to be a newlywed. I think I’d want to divorce him in the name of love. In the name of love and friendship. I’m 22, I met you when I was 17… Now, he’s with these public cries and what if they want to have kids? Is he going to be an adequate father? What kind of father and husband is he going to be? It’s all too much for a 22-year-old.’

‘They can quickly get divorced. In the name of love, not mean. Good luck you kids. I like the kind of guy he’s become,’ the host added, referring to how much he’s matured since his controversial past as well as his dedication to his faith.

Williams also argued that Hailey and Justin have had very different experiences when it comes to fame.

According to her, it’s a weird position for Bieber since he is the only one famous in his family – he might not have even realized just how known and admired he is!

Meanwhile, Hailey grew up in a famous family so she is much more used to it.


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