Wendy Williams Tells Gay Men To ‘Stop Wearing Our Skirts And Heels’ And People Are Outraged!

Wendy Williams Tells Gay Men To ‘Stop Wearing Our Skirts And Heels’ And People Are Outraged!
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Oops! It looks like Wendy Williams is in big trouble with the LGBTQ community and all its supporters following an offensive comment she made about gay men wearing skirts and heels! The controversial words were quick to make their way to social media and people are outraged!

That’s right! The talk show host is in hot water again, this time around because of some insulting and intolerant comments she made about gay men’s fashion choices, which also came with a sense of strict gender norms keeping that a lot of people were not happy about.

It all started with Wendy discussing Galentine’s Day during her Hot Topics segment, which is the unofficial alternative to Valentine's Day created by Parks and Recreation.

The said unofficial holiday is meant to celebrate women by other women in their lives.

After hearing a few men in her live audience crowd clapping about the holiday, Wendy made it clear she did not like that so she went off: ‘If you are a man and you are clapping, you are not even a part of this. You do not understand the rules of the day. It is women going out and getting saucy and going home. You are not a part.’

As if that was not bad enough already, the host went on to add: ‘I don’t care if you are gay. You do not get a [menstruation] every 28 days. You can do a lot that we do, but I just get offended by the idea that we go through something you'll never go through. And stop wearing our skirts and heels. Just saying, girls, what do we even have for ourselves?’

Sure enough, it did not take long at all before people online clapped back!

Here are a few of their comments on the matter: ‘Really? What sort of ignorance is coming out of your mouth regarding gay men wanting to be women!! Really Wendy?’ / ‘She’s trying to cancel herself.’ / ‘A day after crying about Zaya, she says gay men need to stop wearing heels and skirts and then to bring up that they’ll never have a cycle is just disgusting, especially after yesterday’s show.’

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