Wendy Williams Talks 'Sick' R. Kelly After His Wild Interview - Says He Needs 'Help'

Wendy Williams Talks 'Sick' R. Kelly After His Wild Interview - Says He Needs 'Help'
Credit: Source: pagesix.com

Wendy Williams was conflicted about R. Kelly’s interview with Gayle King! The talk show host is pretty sure that he is guilty, but that is not to say she does not ‘feel sorry’ for the singer.

Kelly had a wild, emotional outburst during the CBS This Morning interview and that made Wendy realize the man accused of sexual abuse is really ‘sick!’

Williams is taking the scandal, and what the accusations mean from a social point of view, very seriously, which is also why she decided to discuss it during her Hot Topics segment today.

She reacted to some cuts from the video interview that aired this morning, in which Kelly could be seen breaking down emotionally, over the accusations against him.

‘This is not me! I’m fighting for my f***ing life!’ he shouted at some point, looking directly into the camera.

Seeing this, Wendy became emotional as well and made it clear that she thinks he is guilty but that he needs help and not just to be arrested.

‘At this point, R. Kelly has got nothing to lose. He is a sick man. You know I have been around for a really long time… the radio days — I went from finding him hella guilty, to just guilty and then feeling very sorry for him and wanting for him to get help,’ the host told her studio audience and viewers at home.

She added: ‘His help is not behind bars. I do not know where his help is… This is not just Robert Kelly; this is a whole stable of people that he had involved… It is not just R. Kelly, it is going around our country… This is terrible.’


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