Wendy Williams Taking It Easy On Kevin Hunter In Divorce Because She's Eager To Get Him To Sign The Papers

Wendy Williams Taking It Easy On Kevin Hunter In Divorce Because She's Eager To Get Him To Sign The Papers
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According to a report from Page Six, Wendy Williams is just trying to get her divorce over with already. The 55-year-old host has criticized her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, following reports that he had a baby with his mistress, Sharina Hudson, however, in the public's eye, the television show host has claimed she still has "love" for him.

An insider, on the other hand, spoke with Page Six and claimed that Wendy is doing her best to be kind and graceful to speed along the divorce proceedings as quickly as possible. The source said to the aforementioned outlet, "Wendy is playing nice so that he can sign the divorce papers" and then she and he can both move on.

As fans of the television show host know, Kevin and Wendy have a 19-year-old son together named Kevin Hunter Junior Williams. That isn't stopping Wendy from enjoying her single life, however. The star has said in the past that she's dating "many men."

During an appearence on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the star maintained that she never knew the women Kevin had an affair with. However, sources claim Wendy had met Hudson at a party her husband threw a few years back.

When Wendy discovered Kevin's infidelity, she and Kevin purportedly came to an agreement that Hunter could continue seeing Sharina but he wasn't allowed to have any kids with her. According to the source, the most important thing for Wendy was to not be publicly embarrassed or humiliated.

As it was previously reported, Hunter and Hudson had their baby girl back in March of this year, and Williams went to the court of law to file the official divorce paperwork in April.

While Wendy has managed to keep her public image relatively clean, insiders behind the scene have stated that the news of Kevin's infidelity and decision to have a baby with her was devastating. Wendy reportedly had to attend a sober living home for other successful women after she was allegedly found intoxicated by co-workers behind the scenes.

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