Wendy Williams ‘Suspects’ Adele Lost 100 Pounds To Show Her Ex-Husband What He's Lost!

Wendy Williams ‘Suspects’ Adele Lost 100 Pounds To Show Her Ex-Husband What He's Lost!
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Just like everyone else lately, Wendy Williams is raving about Adele’s massive weight loss! However, she also has a theory about what motivated the singer to drop no less than 100 pounds!

During her @home talk show, Wendy reacted to the pic that Adele shared from her birthday party!

The snap shows the star in a fashionable, tight little black dress with bell sleeves, looking more in shape than ever, her bare legs on display and thin waist snatched!

Wendy theorized during her latest show episode that Adele must have been motivated to lose the weight in order to show her ex what he’s missing.

The host could not help but also gush over the transformation and praise her for it since it takes a lot of effort and dedication.

Wendy went on to name Simon Konecki, with whom the singer shares 7 year old son Angelo, as Adele’s motivation.

As fans know, the two filed for divorce back in 2016.

‘Adele showed a picture from her birthday. This is after losing 100 pounds. She’s single and has her baby and I think she looks terrific… She’s supposed to come out with an album. I’m sure you’ll be waiting because I’m sure it’s all about the divorce and the heartache and the good and bad times. I think she looks great,’ Wendy told her YouTube audience.

She went on to argue that: ‘She said she lost the weight for her son, so she’d be nice and healthy. But, I also suspect that she lost the weight so her ex husband can look at her like, oh damn. You know?’

As it turns out, she is not the only one who thinks this!

Adele’s former trainer Camila Goodis also previously told HollywoodLife that: ‘She got a divorce and I think that’s a great motivation to feel good, even better about yourself… And I think that’s what she did.’

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