Wendy Williams Tears Up Over Racism In America

Wendy Williams Tears Up Over Racism In America
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Wendy Williams -  during Tuesday's episode of her talk show,  The Wendy Williams Show -  broke down in tears when she told a story of Sunny Hostin being targeted by racists over the 4th of July holiday. Sunny's story -   which you can read here -  inspired Williams to come out about her own upbringing.

In the latest episode, she stated that when she arrives home every day, she "looks to see if there's going to be a cross burned or whatever," despite living in an economically prosperous and safe neighborhood. Check out the video below:

Williams said she thinks about it every day, even though, admittedly, she has no reason to worry, considering she has an elite job and lives in an elite and incredibly affluent community.

Williams explained that every morning, she worries about the life of her son, Kevin. She asks him to keep his cell phone on, that way she can call him if she gets worried.

As it was previously reported, Sunny Hostin told a story on  The View  the other morning, where a group of kids supposedly called her and her family the "N-Word," while they were vacationing in New York City for the 4th of July weekend.  The View  co-host said it was in an area where she always felt "comfortable" as well, so it came as a big surprise.

It was a story that inspired Wendy to become very emotional, and after Williams cried, she added, "why are still dealing with this?" While her public service announcement went over well, some on social media criticized her for exaggerating how terrible and racist her rich neighborhood is.

One person wrote, "how could you possibly worry about coming home to a cross burning on your lawn, when you live in one of the most privileged, rich, and educated communities in the world? Just because you have a fear of something, it doesn't mean that it's rational at all."

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