Wendy Williams Staffers Speak Out About Her Absence - 'She Is 100% Not Involved'

Wendy Williams Staffers Speak Out About Her Absence - 'She Is 100% Not Involved'
Credit: Source: Ebony

Staffers on the Wendy Williams Show are finally speaking out about their boss's prolonged absence. Wendy Williams has been on an extended hiatus from her daytime talk show, and staff members say she longer communicates with any of them amid growing concern about her health.

A source claims that producers on the show are acting like Williams no longer exists and have even given her husband, Kevin Hunter, the cold shoulder. Producers used to ask Hunter for approval when adding guests hosts to the lineup, but now they don't even include him in the conversation.

"At first, they were keeping her and Kevin in the loop, getting their approval on replacement hosts and guests," an insider dished. "Now, they are not even CC-ing them! She is 100 percent not involved."

According to Radar Online , staffers are having such a good time with Williams gone they secretly hope she stays out of commission. One source said staff members are having a blast now that Williams isn't lording over them, and most of them forgot how to have fun on set. Williams has not set a solid return date yet, and there is a possibility that her time in front of the cameras will be severely limited moving forward.

Williams was spotted in Florida towards the end of January looking more frail than usual. The public appearance was her first since leaving the show. An inside source says that Williams' close friends have been worried about her recovery and that she has a difficult time standing for long periods of time.

The television host originally took some time off to deal with a fractured shoulder. She has since been hospitalized due to complications related to Grave's disease. Williams has delayed her return to the show on several occasions and has not announced when she plans to return in full force.

If Wendy Williams does not return in a timely manner, it is possible that producers will start searching for a replacement. Several of her staff members have already recommended Nick Cannon as a potential replacement, though nothing official has been confirmed.

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  • Kathy
    Kathy Feb 17, 2019 5:38 PM PST

    This is a sad situation. Everyone needs time now and then Someone with medical issues needs to take care of themself. Nick cannon made me feel like the show should be on bet. I liked the panel idea. Get wendy a co host like kelly .

  • Patricia A dyer
    Patricia A dyer Feb 22, 2019 12:32 PM PST

    don't really care about all those stupid comments about you all I know is I miss you and I'll be glad when you get back on there and I hope everything is handled as far as your personal and your help love you Wendy God bless

  • Marty
    Marty Feb 17, 2019 5:43 PM PST

    I enjoyed Sherry Sherpard as host more so then any other. I hope Wendy gets better soon but the show must go on. Prayers going you way Wendy.

  • Crickett
    Crickett Feb 17, 2019 11:47 AM PST

    Fine by me.. Probably in rehab or having more surgery.. I will not miss.her..

    • Patricia dyer
      Patricia dyer Feb 17, 2019 4:01 PM PST

      Get real I was abused for 17 years you have all the signs of it do you want to be honest be honest with your fans get the hell away from me and you got money you got ways to get out how you doing living with your lies

    • CATHY
      CATHY Feb 17, 2019 12:59 PM PST

      I really liked Sherry Shepard, I think she would be a great replacement if needed.

  • Lee Penman
    Lee Penman Feb 17, 2019 5:58 PM PST

    Give the show to Sherrie she was great!! Wendy has lost all respect at this point.

  • Ann cooke
    Ann cooke Feb 17, 2019 11:59 AM PST

    You had many opportunities to narrate your story. But for your reason you choose not to speak out. That action for me, speaks loudly about you. MS WILLIAMS YOU have lost respect. If you can't talk of yourself honestly there no reason to tune in. You made your show about you constantly talking about yourself. Hot topics off limit. What up with you. Go get healthy have a good life just stay away from being the tv[

  • Angela Jones
    Angela Jones Feb 17, 2019 7:49 PM PST

    Wendy needs to come back! Reclaim her show, that she worked hard at! Replace all of her unloyal back stabbing staff! Sit in that purple Chair! Put that Bastard of a Husband of hers on blast for 15 minutes! And be done with it! And get on with her life on the show! Shes the Head B in charge! That ugly cheating husband and her staff are only relevant because of her!

    RAMONDA BRADY Feb 17, 2019 12:27 PM PST

    ' How you doing Wendy', i have always loved Wendy Williams, she showed her down to earth side, and loved her co-hosts guests. I pray she gets better, and comes back even stronger. Wendy loves her fans, she has a heart of gold. I met her in St. Louis, Mo, at Left Bank Books for her book signing. Totally sol down to earth. I gave her birthday card, her birthday is July 18th, 2019. One for her mother Shirley, her birthday is in May. Wendy said " How thoughtful". Blessings, Mrs. Ramonda Brady

  • Karen Clark
    Karen Clark Feb 17, 2019 8:33 PM PST

    Well Wendy you put everyone else business out there n u said u would b honest well tell the world that your husband whipping yours and not the side piece.You stupid staying in that so called marriage.hurl get over it you find people that has a bad marriage but to stay in it for the love of money then what ever happens to you is what u deserve.get away from your cheating non loyal having women beater behind let him go to the side and whip on her head don't be stupid or a punching bag I don't think his that good of your getting it at all grl leave him n take yo money with you on the low low...Start hiding yo money like when he first start whipping yours and be gone. Somebody will want u and those fake boobs u have that don't look right on your body...GRL GET OUT OF THE SO CALLED MARRIAGE AND B GONE FONT LET YOUR PRIDE OR WHAT PEOPLE THINK CLOUD YOUR DECISION GET OUT

  • Mary Creech
    Mary Creech Feb 17, 2019 1:10 PM PST

    If Wendy doesn't come back to HER show, I will simply continue not watching the other foney's that have been on Wendy's Show! Simple as that for me.

  • Margaret
    Margaret Feb 17, 2019 9:48 PM PST

    Wendy no one can replace you if this is true that your staffers are against when you get back fire everyone except susan and norman if they want to kick you when you are down then you dont need them i pay for your recovery cant wait for your return

    • Jane Fields
      Jane Fields Feb 19, 2019 8:11 AM PST

      They can`t replace her cause it`s The Wendy Williams show. They will cancel her show and replace it

  • Day
    Day Feb 17, 2019 1:24 PM PST

    Ohh what a tangled web we weave?!! Wendy and the mister are all tangled up in each other's MESS!! Can't help but wonder who's story is the best. Somebody will be Selling & Telling real soon, unless everyone is being paid to ZIP IT$$$

  • J buckner
    J buckner Feb 17, 2019 9:52 PM PST

    Sherri Shepard did an AMAZING job and is so professional! Please take care of your health first, but just let people know, we are worried and keeping you in our prayers.

  • Butterfly
    Butterfly Feb 17, 2019 2:03 PM PST

    I like sherry sherpard please don't bring back back or jerry

    • Doreen Pierce
      Doreen Pierce Feb 17, 2019 2:44 PM PST

      I wish Wendy well but she should sit in her purple chair and tell the truth. I always felt her marriage was a joke. Her staff needs to know if there jobs are in jeopardy. If Wendy does not return, I like Nick Cannon and KeKe Palmer. I didnt care for Sherry Shepard. I like Sherry as a person but not the show.

  • Michelle Stephenson
    Michelle Stephenson Feb 17, 2019 9:57 PM PST

    Mrs Wendy Williams Hunters, if the allegations are true is a victim of domestic violence above and beyond the autoimmune disease that she battles along with the judgment and persecution of many that have committed wrongs just as she; some less, some greater. She is an entertainer and we watched her show daily to be entertained. I personally, enjoyed her and think she is not replaceable. Her mannerisms and commentary is hard to be duplicated. Also, I tune in to hear her raw, “shock jock” truth. That’s what she is to me. She tells the offensive truth. Some say their lies. Maybe, Maybe not. But, to me, it’s all part of the celebrity. The viewers should not have to suffer because of your personal issues. We want to be entertained. Wendy in her early radio career was a shock jock where she started making enemies. However, let’s not miss the fact that this was her JOB. That job probably helped her land in the position she is in today. All celebrities have done things that maybe where uncomfortable. Unlike Wendy’s job, they are just not as public and transparent in nature for the public to pick a part. Kevin may be an abuser, an adulter, all signs point to it because he does not love himself first. Any man that truly loved himself and honored the covenant of his marriage would see he failed to be a protector for his wife and family. Imagine what it is like for his son to read these comments and blogs about his parents. Your helpmate sat daily before millions being a wife, dutifully as I heard her say her mother taught her, in spite of, she took herself to Jersey and and if after being as proverbial as she can be with receipts to prove it, she chooses to flick her wrist and say one last “How you doin”, take as she’s going to be alright don’t worry about her, but of check yourself. This lady may have suffered years in silence. Sherri Shepherd brought a nice touch, but only with her own name, not the Wendy Show, and only time if Wendy is done with her business.

  • Dee Lea
    Dee Lea Feb 17, 2019 2:49 PM PST

    What goes around comes around ten times harder. Now Wendy speak your TRUTH. (if you can).

  • Regina Langley
    Regina Langley Feb 17, 2019 10:38 PM PST

    I'm confused! Every job I've ever gave sick time, personal time, vacation time, FMLA and later, voluntary furlough! Why are her people getting upset with her for being sick? Who wants or likes being sick? I've been Ill since 1995 and my body pretty much forced me into disability last November! Where is the compassion? What if it was one of her people or one of their loved ones?

    • Pat
      Pat Feb 24, 2019 5:44 AM PST

      The entertainment industry is very different from other jobs. The contracts they sign are brutal and unforgiving. That is why we see celebs performing and showing up when they are obviously very sick. Prince, MJ, Whitney, and now Wendy's health suffured in major ways due in part to them trying to fulfill contractual obligations.

  • Exotiq
    Exotiq Feb 17, 2019 3:35 PM PST

    I feel like she reaped what she sowed. She built her success on gossiping about other people and inserting some of her extra judging, regardless of whether the facts were accurate, for scandal to raise the ratings, all while hiding her own dirty laundry. She's the perfect cautionary tale of living in a glass house and throwing stones. I feel sad for what she's going through, but it's karma biting her now. Now, who's having the last laugh?!

  • Veronica Smith
    Veronica Smith Feb 18, 2019 3:19 AM PST

    How Sad, For Wendy Williams A: Bubbliy, Laughable Talk Show Iconic Host. Wendy Williams, Who All Love The Audience Feeds Off The Energy Of Her Bold Tell All No Bars Holding Truth. Indeed Controversial At Times, But That Made The Individuality Of Wendy's Talk Show, Came Alive & Reality. Now Wendy Is In A Time Of Need, Both: Personal & Mentally & Physically. Those Whom Her Show (Enabled Her Staff To Reap The Benefits Of Her Talent, As A Good Host) ((The Show Is Called Wendy Williams)) She Has Been Snubbed. Comments Are So: Insensitive, No Love, Or Patience. If Wendy Williams Is Struggling With An Cheating Husband. His Action To Her Will Be Abusive, He's Living A Double Life. Either He Will Love The One & Hate The Other: Or Cling To The One, & Dipise The Other. This Is The Abuse Wendy Is Experiencing. Wendy Is Living With A Double Minded Man. Very Very Dangerous, If This Man Has No: Heart Or Conscious Of Doing Wrong, Or Compassion, Or Jesus Christ To Feel Conviction Of Wrong Ways. Wendy's Husband Is Subject To Anything, Because; Of Self. The Heart Of Man, Who Can Know It., (If Unsaved No Jesus Christ) It Can Be Desperately Wicked. If Wendy Is Battling A Disease That Requires This Husband Full Attention & He Is Living A Double Life, It Is Not Good For The Hinder Of His Want. The Staff I Would Think Would Be Very Sympathetic At This Stage Of Wendy's Crisis. I Shall Lift Up Prayer For: Wendy, Her Show, Her Health, & Marriage. With Man It Is Impossible: But, With God (The Lord Jesus Christ) All Things Are Impossible. I Pray Wendy Has Close Family & Some Friends To Help In This Stage Of Her Life's Journey.

    • A.
      A. Feb 18, 2019 12:51 PM PST

      I so agree with you! She needs our love and support right now more than ever! I am praying for her as well!

  • Sherri
    Sherri Feb 17, 2019 3:58 PM PST

    Sherri Shepard was refreshing, combining humor and deleting the degrading daily shade. I would welcome Sherri as host. Sherri Shepard Show!

  • Bette
    Bette Feb 18, 2019 3:37 AM PST

    Please don't bring Nick Cannon on permanently he is too much all over the place and hyper! Sherri Shepherd was awesome!She was funny,stayed on topic and was very professional. Please if you're going to bring anyone on permanently Let It Be Sherri Shepherd.

    • B.
      B. Feb 18, 2019 10:18 AM PST

      Agree 100%

  • verna
    verna Feb 17, 2019 4:17 PM PST

    I really loved Nick Cannons fill in- if anyone should take over it should be him- I miss Wendy but that show is sucking the life out of her- that cruel "husband" of hers is sucking the life out of her- I hate him- she should boot that thing and have a break from nasty men for a good long while- he is only there for the money anyway- choose happiness Wendy- xxx choose life

  • Michelle
    Michelle Feb 18, 2019 5:23 AM PST

    Wendy, We miss you and no one could ever replace you. Nick Cannon is not a good choice for this position. I would not watch the show. I am praying for your improved health. You should dump the chump and move on. I feel once you rid yourself of that posion of a man life will likely be much better health wise.

  • Theodore A. Goldman
    Theodore A. Goldman Feb 17, 2019 5:10 PM PST

    How you going to replace Wendy Williams on the "Wendy Williams show" That show is only a success because of her. Period! You can cancel her show and create a new one but you can't replace her on HER show. Like putting somebody's else picture on my ID.

  • Heather King-Green
    Heather King-Green Feb 18, 2019 6:13 AM PST

    Wendy maybe realized she was about to become gossip as well as betrayal from her spouse. She probably like me a (woman i’m business, empty nester) said shut it all down. This tactic to attempt to flush out her ungrateful spouse and to protect her son. I have had to shut it down as well and understand. Wendy, health is wealth and we are praying for you and family.

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee Feb 17, 2019 12:25 PM PST

    So sorry to hear that she is going through so much. When it comes from sooooo many places , I'm sure she doesn't know which way to turn. I think you should put yourself first in every decision you make. Life is to short to be miserable, stressed, and not happy. We're not in your shoes , Wendy! You're in my prayers! Please pray your decisions! And leave it with God!

  • Vanessa Phillips
    Vanessa Phillips Feb 18, 2019 6:21 AM PST

    How you gonna have the Wendy Williams show without Wendy Williams

  • Kathy Farris
    Kathy Farris Feb 17, 2019 1:12 PM PST

    Wendy is living with an abusive husband. She doesn't feel safe leaving him. She is not okay until she gets away from her husband, who is a narcissistic abuser. I was trapped like that.

  • Judie Riley
    Judie Riley Feb 18, 2019 7:30 AM PST

    I really miss the real Wendy, before her world started falling apart. I haven’t stayed tuned in to most of the replacements. Sherrie Shepherd was THE BEST. Jerry McGuire was disgusting. I really hope Wendy gets well. She was my morning tv favorite.

    • andrea lawton
      andrea lawton Feb 18, 2019 8:55 AM PST

      I think Wendy can be very mean spirited and while I wish her well, I think the show is better without all her hate and malice.

  • Anna
    Anna Feb 17, 2019 2:23 PM PST

    Wendy girlfriend ...you have been a straight 100 % woman .....I realize to have a husband do what been doing to u and you leaving your show that u worked so hard for is ridic......it's not our Wendy to put up with your husband Abusing u....if u had one of your co host ask Wendy what should they do ....YOU would say 100 put him to the curb and move on your beautiful and successful ....and that's what I would do absolutely. Wendy I love u I know this is a hard time for u but he isn't worth u losing your show .....you got this....pull yourself together.....come back

  • Lee Carter
    Lee Carter Feb 18, 2019 9:30 AM PST

    Wendy it has been over 55 days, your fans are waiting for you to come back. You really need to make a decision to either come back or let them find a replacement. We would prefer you come back but if you can’t please let them know so they can find a somebody. We really want it to be you who is that person but they can only wait so long until they are forced to hire somebody else. PLEASE COME BACK!

  • Leslie R Able
    Leslie R Able Feb 17, 2019 3:49 PM PST

    Nick Cannon would be a terrible replacement. He is too into himself and screams his dialogue. I prefer Jerry O'Connell. He killed it last week!

  • Maria
    Maria Feb 17, 2019 4:44 PM PST

    Sherry Sheperd should replace Wendy all the male hosts were Annoying Especially Jerry!!!! it seemed like he was hopped up on Adderall Nick was so loud and Obnoxious I'd rather have Rappaport than the other two Sherry is the wise choice pick her

  • Grathkey
    Grathkey Feb 21, 2019 7:55 PM PST

    Wendy, I enjoy your show and your take on hot topics. There are times however when you can be extra and seem to lack compassion. I’m going to assume you have character and a thick skin so it won’t hurt to hear this. Your boobs are vulgar. There I said it. They are to large for your frame and look bad. You’re not doing porn honey, you have a day time talk show. Let’s have some class and try to look the part. Take this time off to have those enormous and tacky meat sacks reduced before you return. Seriously they scream “I am insecure”. Because you are so quick to critique other people’s bodies without concern for their feelings I assume you can handle and expect the same. With the new boobs you can have some self respect and a great fresh start! Looking forward to your return. Get well soon.

  • Nadege N
    Nadege N Feb 19, 2019 9:10 PM PST

    I miss Wendy so, so much the days haven’t been the same since she’s been gone. Every morning I look forward to hear Wendy Williams gossips, and her takes on whatever’s going for each day. There’s no one like her, I’m praying for her and her family for a speedy recovery much love. Oh, I must say Sherry did a marvelous job. PS: Wendy, I hope you’re not hiding because what people are saying about your marriage. Because, people are going to talk regardless. You just have to put your best foot forward and face the world, you know it’s not going to last forever everybody has skeletons in their closet.

  • Kim Robinson
    Kim Robinson Feb 19, 2019 2:25 PM PST

    Wendy I really love you and I am praying for a full recovery and return to the show. "IF" they replace you and I enjoy Nick but he is no Wendy and I will never watch!!! I don't even watch now that you are not there. Stay strong prayed up and God will see you through. He will never bring you TO anything without helping you THROUGH it!!!

  • Claudia Brown-Ratcliff
    Claudia Brown-Ratcliff Feb 18, 2019 10:31 AM PST

    I truly wish for a speedy recovery for Mrs. Williams. I speak the word of God over you. May God's will be done for you.

  • Linda
    Linda Feb 17, 2019 11:47 AM PST

    I liked Sherri Shepherd, Jerry O'Connell, and Michael Rappaport. Nick Cannon was funny but he was too over-the-top. I actually laughed out loud with Jerry and Michael.

  • lily
    lily Feb 17, 2019 4:00 PM PST

    I would love to see wendy as an evening show. Her husband is nothing without her. If the show gets cancelled they both are jobless and hopefully divorce then Wendy can do her thing and get a real manager. SHE is the star folks!

  • Valerie Mosley
    Valerie Mosley Feb 17, 2019 3:32 PM PST

    Who wants to watch the Wendy Williams show without Wendy. She's great can we get her back please.

  • G. Ellis
    G. Ellis Feb 17, 2019 1:31 PM PST

    In times like this, we should unite and lift one another up. We DON'T know what is truly happening with Wendy so let's all pray that God blesses her and gives her HIS grace/mercy to get thru whatever is going on in her life. Be blessed Wendy.

    SERRILLA Feb 17, 2019 12:44 PM PST

    It really breaks my heart to know that Wendy Is having such a hard time I pray that God will help her through this and restore her health her strength and her ability to cope with all the things that’s going on in her life May God continue to bless you I love you and miss you dearly let’s us as people of God to continue to pray for her please

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