Wendy Williams’ Son To Avoid Punishment For Attacking His Dad Kevin Hunter If THIS Happens!

Wendy Williams’ Son To Avoid Punishment For Attacking His Dad Kevin Hunter If THIS Happens!
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As you may know, Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Jr. was arrested for assaulting his own father after a bad fight escalated. That being said, criminal attorney, Yelena Sharova tells HollywoodLife that as long as Kevin Sr. does not press charges, he is pretty much off the hook!

Furthermore, the same news outlet previously reported that, sure enough, Wendy’s estranged husband is not planning on pursuing the situation legally, which is, obviously great for the son.

‘The charges can be dropped if Kevin’s father decides not to move forward. Either in the Family court or the Criminal court,’ the attorney dished.

But what if the dad decides to pursue the matter legally after all? Can the son still avoid the charges against him?

Sharova explained that ‘If his father decides to pursue the matter, Kevin Jr. can negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution or take the matter to trial at which point he will either be convicted or the charges will be dismissed. Fines can go up as high as $1000; the maximum jail term is six months; as well as possible probation and restitution to the victim (for example – medical bills of the victim).’

But since Kevin Jr. has never really been in trouble with the law, this being his first offense, his punishment would be on the mind side.

The fight with the dad reportedly happened over Wendy Williams since Kevin Sr. suggested that she had brainwashed him to be on her side and shun his own dad.

The tensions kept rising between the two men until the fight became physical and the police were called, arresting Kevin Jr.


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