Wendy Williams' Son, Kevin Hunter Jr. Had His Assault Case Dismissed

Wendy Williams' Son, Kevin Hunter Jr. Had His Assault Case Dismissed
Credit: BET

Wendy Williams can relax regarding the situation of her son, Kevin Hunter Jr. It's been just reported that his assault case has been dismissed. The Shade Room cites information from TMZ and reveals the following details.

According to the latest reports, prosecutors said they had reviewed the case and decided that 'they no longer wanted to pursue charges against Kevin Jr. for allegedly punching his father in the face during a fight in a parking lot back in May.'

It's been also reported that Wendy’s estranged husband was also present at his son’s hearing today.

More than that, he's the one who told the judge that he agrees with the prosecutor’s decision not to pursue any charges against his son.

TSR writes that 'things are on the mend between the pair as Kevin Jr.’s attorney reportedly said the family relationship is solid now,' and the two men were seen walking out of court together.

Well, this means fewer worries for Wendy who is allegedly trying to live her best life.

Fans are supporting Wendy's son in his actions.

Someone said, 'As it should be dismissed. He was only fighting on his mother's behalf. His father deserved it😤'

Another commenter posted: 'He was defending his mommy honor, so that's good it was dismissed 👏🏾.'

A person is on the very same page with the others and wrote: 'Good for him! He was only defending his mother!'

Someone gushed over Wendy and posted: 'I’m here for all the positivity Wendy is receiving.'

Speaking of Wendy and her personal life, she just shared a few details about who she is really dating .

She talked about the man just a little during her TV show and she let fans know that the man is definitely not 27 years old and he's a doctor.

Fans are definitely here for the tea she's been spilling about her own life recently.


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