Wendy Williams Slams Rumors She's 'Frail And Lonely' - See What She Has To Say

Wendy Williams Slams Rumors She's 'Frail And Lonely' - See What She Has To Say
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Wendy Williams just returned to her show after a hiatus of a week. You may recall that it was reported the fact that Wendy was spotted shopping and looking 'frail and lonely.'

She addressed the photos and explained what's the deal with her 'popped eyes' as Hollywood Life puts it.

The online publication reports that the host seems to be doing fine these days.

At the start of her Hot Topics, she addressed the rumors that have been circulating about her during the past weekend and have been claiming that she looks 'frail' and 'lonely'.

She was photographed riding a scooter while shopping in a Walmart in Upstate, New York and she was slammed for her appearance.

'I want to shout out to my friends at the Walmart… in a town of about 300 people. It’s a small town in Upstate New York,' she began.

She continued 'It’s peaceful, the people are lovely. The biggest thing is Walmart, and it’s open 24 hrs. I went camping this weekend… If I go camping, I don’t want to go ‘glamping’ [glamorous camping], I want to get down with the nitty gritty… There was no running water…'

She also made sure to explain that the Walmart she attended 'is the social place' in the area she was in while Upstate.

She continued and said 'And, when I’m away from the show, sometimes I’ll take selfies. But, at 4 a.m. I’m sitting on this scooter. There were a lot of scooters, and the staff, me and my girls we used the scooters because no one was in there [in Walmart].'

Wendy said that she was not alone there and she was just pretending to be shopping.

She also addressed the fact that her eyes looked larger than usual: 'You know how I have the Graves disease, where there’s pressure behind my eyes, and sometimes my eyes go like this,' she said as reported by Hollywood Life.

What do you think about all this? Do you believe Wendy?

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